Hello 2nd Trimester!

Baby Folse #3 has been growing like crazy! At our first ultrasound, he/she looked just like a little peanut. Heart rate was 170.


At our recent ultrasound, Peanut showed us how much he/she grew! Dr. Milek could barely get a clear picture because Baby was moving so much! Heart rate was 160.


Between all of my pregnancies, this was probably my ninth or tenth ultrasound. IT NEVER GETS OLD. I cannot stop smiling the entire time I watch the screen – that’s OUR baby in there! Such a miracle.

Mommy has been feeling great. Kennedy tells me everyday how much my belly grew from the day before :) I have had no morning sickness, so I’ve been very blessed in that department. I would say my only symptom is tiredness. Obviously with two little ones already, it’s a little harder to keep up, but my energy should be returning soon. My last two pregnancies went really smoothly, so I’m hoping this one goes the same way!

Countdown: 28 more weeks!

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