What Does a Dad Look Like?

One of the more popular posts on this blog was What Does a Mom Look Like? I was reading it again a couple of weeks ago, and started thinking that many of the descriptions could apply to a dad as well. I started thinking of my husband and how he amazes me each day as a dad. He started out four years ago not knowing a thing about babies, and now he can teach me some stuff! I love to watch him with our girls and think to myself, “What does a DAD look like?”

His hands are callused from building, fixing, & assembling his little one’s favorite toys.

His face is determined as his helps his little slugger hit that ball for his first home run.

His entire body is numb from the vibrations of the lawnmower. The grass was finished an hour ago, but his extra passenger is enjoying the ride.

His knees are bruised as the “horse” carries the cowboy across the living room floor.

His shoulders are sore from letting his toddler sit to see about everyone else.

He enters his workplace with a Hello Kitty band aid on his pinky finger. No questions are asked since he lives in a house full of women.

He wears flour on his nose from teaching his little chefs how to bake bread.

His back aches from bending over to play dollhouse with his princess. (Mom thinks this is one of the most attractive things about him)

His shirt smells of roux from cooking for his family.

The tops of his feet hurt as his little dancer steps on them for a father-daughter dance.

He wears the proudest smile when he looks at his kids. He knows he is the luckiest dad in the world.





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