It’s A…

You know those days when you get a wild hair to go do something…and you just have to get it done because it’s just eating away at you? That was my Friday.

We had no plans to find out our baby’s gender this early. We were planning on waiting until our OBGYN 20 week ultrasound to let our doctor tell us the news. However, last Friday I just randomly thought, “I need to know my baby’s gender today.” So, I called Angel Prints Ultrasounds and by some miracle they were able to take me that exact day. Coincidence? I think not.

Up to that point, Seth had mentioned he may have wanted to wait and be surprised to find out the gender on delivery day. I told him he was nuts, and that I had to know. What’s the fun in planning a nursery, going clothes shopping, etc. if you don’t know to buy pink or blue!? There is enough excitement on delivery day as it is…finding out the gender early is just as exciting.

So, he agreed to find out early, but he wanted to wait and be surprised when I got home with the balloons. Deal.

My mom and I headed to the ultrasound smiling the entire way. It is just an exciting moment to finally know…boy or girl! Everyone kept asking me what my “feeling” was for this baby. I felt like I was having a boy this time around, but I also just KNEW that Jules was a boy too. So obviously my intuition is not very accurate, so I did not know what to think.

The ultrasound tech put the device on my belly, and literally within five seconds she said, “Well, I know what you are having, but let me try and get a good picture.” When she said that, I figured it was a boy. I bet if it were a girl she would have searched a little longer ;)

The minute this picture came up I said, “Is that a boy!?” She said, “Yep! That’s a boy!” My mom and I started clapping, and we could not stop smiling. It was an awesome moment!


She kept trying to get a good picture of his face, but he kept his arm in front of his face the entire time. I told her my husband would not be worried about face pictures in this ultrasound…he will want to see the good stuff :)



The minute the ultrasound ended, I called our flower shop to let them know to add BLUE balloons to the box! The girls were SO excited to open this mystery box.
(Excuse Jules’ high water pants…she had an accident at school, and apparently I need to update her change of clothes)




I had plans on videoing, but everything happened so fast. The minute I got home, Kennedy, Jules, AND Daddy were so anxious to open the box. It was just the four of us in the room, so it was nice sharing that surprise with our little family.

We let the girls open the box by themselves – we want them to be involved as much as possible with anything relating to the new baby. I definitely don’t want them to feel left out at any moment.







I could not snap a picture of Seth, but he was beaming. He just kept smiling – that’s all he could do! It was awesome.

I can’t wait to meet our little man. I wonder if he will look like his daddy and Kennedy. I wonder if he will have curly hair like Jules. I wonder if he will be a ball player like his dad, or a hunter, or a fisherman. Whatever he decides to do, we cannot be more thrilled with this little miracle that will be joining our family.

Dad says he gets to name his little boy since Mom named the two girls :)
I could not help myself and already bought one outfit. Nana bought 3 sleepers, and Aunt Beth bought a blue crucifix for his room. Who said boys can’t be fun!?

Dad doesn’t know yet that they make brother and sister matching outfits…

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