SPC Festival & Fair

Kennedy’s school organizes a fair every year, and this was our first year attending. It is open to the public, so some of their cousins tagged along :)

This was both of our girls first fair ever, so they were pretty excited! I think that morning was the fastest they have ever gotten dressed.

We started off on a little car ride that went in circles somewhat like a carousel.


Next, they rode a motorbike ride which they loved. The front of the motorbike went up and down as if it was doing a “wheelie” – they were cracking up!








Of course we had to ride the carousel!



We then headed to the Bunny Bash which was located in the school gymnasium. It was a super cute Easter Extravaganza complete with crafts, snacks, games, and of course, the Easter Bunny!

First, the girls made bunny whiskers…




Next they saw the Easter Bunny and took a picture – they were all smiles :)



The next game was so cute! It was a small Easter egg hunt, but instead of the eggs being hidden in grass…they were hidden in balloons! The girls had a blast moving/kicking the balloons out of the way to find the eggs. Poor Jules opened every egg looking for candy. My girl loves chocolate like her mamma!




Next up was the Ferris Wheel. All week when we would pass by the setup, Kennedy would tell me, “I am not going on that Ferris Wheel! I am afraid of heights!” I told her she was full of baloney…she never had a problem with heights! Just like I said, she was full of it…she went on that Ferris Wheel and LOVED it!







The “Berry-Go-Round” was next on the agenda. It was a gigantic strawberry which the kids sat in, and there was a “wheel” in the center which was used to rotate the strawberry (similar to the teacups in Disneyworld). I barely snapped pictures on this ride, because we could never catch the strawberry when it was facing our way!




Ahh the Fun Slide! The slide that all the kids wanted to climb up and slide down over and over again…including my little daredevil Jules. Jules was about one inche too short to go on the slide; however, she just started walking up the tall staircase with no care in the world! The worker told me that she was too short, but if I wanted to let her go then it was fine. Of course I let her go – that girl has no fear.

She made it to the top of the stairs, and her cousin, Dayton, helped her put her little carpet down to slide. I barely got any pictures of her, because she went THAT fast. Her bottom literally came off of the slide about three times, and she ended up on the slide next to her! After that I figured she would not want to go again, but my girl jumped up and yelled, “I wanna do it again!” One time was enough for Mom, though. She is too brave for me sometimes! (I did go to bed laughing that night thinking about the way my girl came down that slide so fast)






Kennedy and Luke truly love being cousins – they look out for each other anywhere they go and take care of one another. I caught this picture as they headed to the Ferris Wheel (again).


After lunch we played some games under the huge tent. Jules won a 2 liter Sprite (ring toss), and Kennedy won two fish! Jules was obsessed with the fish. She kept squeezing them and kissing them…I don’t know how those little suckers made it home in one piece.






It was such a fun day for the kids, and the weather held out despite the threat of rain. It turned out to be a beautiful day! We are so thankful that the school can coordinate this type of event for local families – it’s a ton of work! We can’t wait until next year!

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