I feel like my little girls have grown up so fast in the past two weeks!

Milestone #1 – Jules is finally potty trained! We kept trying and asking for weeks, but my girl was just ready when she was ready. Sometimes she comes and tells me when she needs to “go”, and other times I just find her in the bathroom doing her thing all on her own! I’m so proud of my baby girl!

Milestone #2 – Kennedy has been sleeping in her bed BY HERSELF all night! She has not been in Mom & Dad’s bed in two weeks! This is HUGE!

With baby brother on the way, we had to start moving the girls into one bedroom to make room for a nursery. Kennedy and Jules will share a room, and Baby will have his own nursery. After finally getting twin beds for their “big girl room” (room reveal blog post to come), we made it clear that the girls would need to sleep in their own room.

I secretly liked sleeping and cuddling with the girls in my bed; however, they are really getting too old to still be sleeping with us…not to mention too big! There was just not enough space anymore, and mamma is not getting any smaller these days…

I figured the first night in their big girl room would be a disaster. I figured it would be a cry out method kind of night. However, only Jules needed Mom. Kennedy didn’t need me at all. She is so big! I went lay with Jules in her bed about 3 different times that night. She has her good days and bad days…sometimes she will go all night without getting up…other times she will call me to go sleep with her a couple times. HOWEVER, it’s not in Mom & Dad’s bed…and that’s a big milestone! Jules will get it just like big sis…she just needs a little more practice.

So proud of these big sisters!


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