Easter Photo Shoot

Before heading to our Easter Extravaganza, we decided to take their Easter holiday picture with Harley. These pictures get much easier now that they are trained :) We will have to train Brother to be just as cooperative ;)

My girls are getting too big too fast for their poor mamma. I can’t keep up with them!




Ahh the poses. If you say “smile!” for a picture, the hands and body language immediately go into pose mode.


Monkey-see, monkey-do, of course. Sweet Jules caught on real quick.


After our little photo shoot, we went sit by the pond to keep Dad company while he did a little maintenance. The poses followed us there :) Harley loves to come to the pond, too – surprisingly, he hasn’t jumped in yet.





After a fun filled day, Momma worked her magic to get our 2015 Easter picture. Next Easter we will have an extra little bunny in there!


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