Kennedy’s Field Trip – Bayou Country Children’s Museum

Since I have been to many doctors appointments with this pregnancy, Daddy decided to go with Kennedy on her second field trip of the school year so I did not have to miss work. I was bummed I could not go; however, we have been to the museum a couple of times before, so I figured I would not be missing that much. Plus, when I mentioned this to Kennedy, her little face lit up at the thought of her Daddy going on her field trip. She was SO excited. She would ask me questions all week: “I wonder if Dad ever rode a real school bus before…You think Dad knows how to blow those big bubbles at the museum?”

Of course before they left, I tried to give Seth my heavy duty camera. He opted for his phone instead. I told him that was fine as long as he promised to take as many pictures as I would if I were going! He did well :)


They started off with a little safety lesson from a local police officer.



One of my favorite parts of the museum is the grocery store. It is so cute!
From the look of Kennedy and Daddy’s basket, it looks like we need to stock the pantry!



The Children’s Museum is the ultimate play place! It’s so much fun, and the kids always want to go back.









I loved getting these pictures throughout the day while I was stuck at work. I’m so glad Daddy & Kennedy were able to go on this field trip together. She really enjoyed having him there.


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