Field Day

Kennedy’s school gave the kids a fun field day after mass last week. Parents were invited, and after all the games we had a picnic on the playground. Jules came and thought it was her field day as well :)

Each class was designated a section and/or game to play. After a couple minutes, everyone would switch stations/games. They were too cute. We started in the gym where they had scooter races (individual), scooter races (with teams…pulling your partner with a pool noodle), and crab walk races. I wish I would have brought my better camera, but I’ll know for next year :)






Jules followed Kennedy wherever she went, and she even went sit with the class like she was a student. She will fit right in next year.

Next, we headed outside where they had an animal bean bag race, bean bag toss game, and a bean bag race while balancing the bean bag on top of your head!





Moving to the gym again, the kids enjoyed the long jump and bounce ball race.



We finished off the games with tug-of-war. Jules just walked right up to the rope when it was Kennedy’s turn. She looks up to her sister so much…and Kennedy is such a good sport about it…makes my heart melt.




We had a picnic on the playground, then the girls napped on the way home. They were worn out! It was a super cute day at the school that the kids enjoyed. Kennedy (and Jules) can’t wait to play again next year.

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