First T-ball Game of the Season

It was finally the day for Kennedy to put her t-ball uniform on “for real” (she has been waiting). Of course, her biggest fan was ready to cheer her on :)


With the weather threatening, we didn’t’ know if they would be able to play at all, but we headed to the field for individual and team pictures. Since Daddy is one of the coaches, they were able to take a picture together on the field. Of course, Jules needed a daddy-daughter picture as well :)






Future MLB players…my nephews Liam & Dayton!


It was time for Kennedy’s team to play; however, the sky was getting very dark. The coaches decided they would let all the players bat once, then send everyone home before the rain. We just made it to our car before it started pouring!

The kids crack me up in their oversized shirts, oversized socks, big gloves, and big baseball caps. They look so stinking cute just standing out in the field waiting for someone to tell them what to do next.




Each player is responsible for bringing their own helmet to every game. Naturally, my girl wanted a pink helmet. If you try and buy a helmet in any other color beside black or navy blue, the price will increase – the price jumped about $10 for a pink one. Since Mamma is cheap (and creative) we stuck vinyl polka dots all over a navy blue helmet, and now my girl has a one of kind helmet that stands out. She loves it!


Kennedy hit the ball on her first swing and ran to first base like a pro!



I’m not sure what was up with all the facial expressions while running! LOL



My poor Julesy wanted to play so bad…she was just waiting for her turn (they let her run the bases at practice to feel included).


After their one inning, the teams congratulated each other on their first game. Of course, Jules joined right in line to high five everyone :)



Even though they got rained out, they had a wonderful time. Good job, Orioles!



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