Dance Recital 2015: Allie in Wonderland

My Jules had her very first dance recital this weekend, accompanied by big sister Kennedy who performed in her third recital! We are so proud of both of our little ballerinas. I truly enjoy watching them dance!



After their last dance class of the season (dress rehearsal), they received their annual charm from Mrs. Rikki. Each year they get a charm associated with the theme of the recital. When they graduate, they can put them all on a bracelet to remember all of their recitals.




Our dance studio has a unique way of incorporating their drama classes into the dance recital. Every couple of dances, the drama students perform a scene which ties into the recital. It’s really entertaining and well done. My husband even said it’s keeps his interest…so that’s big! This year the theme was “Allie in Wonderland”…a funny take on Alice in Wonderland complete with a pop star Queen of Hearts and a rapping Mad Hatter.

Since Mom helps teach dance during the year, we had our own little section backstage. The girls got to see all the behind the scenes action that goes along with a performance. Mom brought resources to help keep them occupied :)




They loved admiring the backdrop before the curtains opened.




Kennedy had two performances…and Jules had one in between those. Thanks to Nana for snapping pictures from the audience! Kennedy’s tap dance was performed to the song “Let’s Get It Started” from KidsBop. They were the little birds in the show, and their little feathers were too cute.






Jules class (the two year old creative movement class) was the scary jabbawockeez in the performance. They have been practicing those scares for months! Jules was SO excited for her recital that day. Two days before, she rocked it out at stage rehearsal, and could not wait to get back on the stage to show her dance to our family watching. However, as in show business, if everything is going smoothly…something is about to go wrong!

Jules attempted to run to her spot on the stage and slipped…causing a domino effect for the little monsters behind her. So the beginning of the dance was a little monster mosh pit…with my Julesy at the bottom! She was so upset. I think she was just scared and caught off guard. She just walked to me behind the stage in tears, and I could not get her to go back to her spot. She attempted to dance a little behind the curtain, but she was not happy. I felt so bad for her! I know how much she was waiting for her recital! After the dance, she told me, “Momma, I slipped and I cried.” Poor baby!

Wish I would have gotten a picture of the pile up, but hopefully the videographer was able to get it on film.




Kennedy’s ballet class was next and danced to Technicolor Phase. The class was split into three colors which made a nice show on the stage. My girl danced so beautifully…I am so proud of her.







After all the performances, the entire group came back on the stage for the finale. Jules had no problem getting back on the stage (I was nervous that should would have been scared from her fall.)




Good job to all the dancers for the 2014-2015 year! It was an awesome show once again!

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