The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow

We have finally crossed the Frozen bridge! We were stuck at the top for over a year, but we have finally reached a new land…ANNIE!

The Easter Bunny brought the original Annie movie because he knew the girls would love all the singing…and he was right. They have been watching Annie everyday on the way to school. They love the songs, and surprisingly picked up the lyrics fairly quickly. They even “play” Annie with Harley and call him “Sandy”. Does the Easter Bunny know those girls or what!?

Kennedy likes to play Ms. Hannigan. She fusses Jules (Annie) and makes her clean. I finally figured out where her “pig dropping” vocabulary came from…Ms. Hannigan! When she first said it I was shocked! However, when I was paying attention to the movie the other day, and I realized Ms. Hannigan calls the orphans pig droppings….so now they think it’s hilarious.

I love to video them singing “Tomorrow”, and I tried to catch Ms. Hannigan in action while she was fussing “Annie”. I also threw in a short story before the show :)

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