Swim Team 2015 – GATORS

For the past two years I felt like I had wasted money on swimming lessons for Kennedy. She would cry the ENTIRE time and not want to participate at all. This year I told myself I would not put her in again. My friends kept telling me to put her on swim team since it was an everyday practice…not just one week or two. The coaches get in the water and actually show them how to swim. I thought they were nuts. Kennedy would not jump in the pool without floaties at the beginning of the summer…how would she be able to join a swim team!?

When we first started going to the pool weekly, she would get a little more brave every time. Pretty soon she was a pro at going under the water and getting rings…all on her own. She had to do it when SHE was ready. I felt a little better about letting her start swim team when I saw her pushing herself rather than me pushing her to join something.

I told myself the goal would be Kennedy participating in practice…period. I did not expect her to swim in the meets, and I did not expect her to swim across the length of the pool. If she participated in practice, then I would get my money’s worth – and it would be leaps and bounds from the past two years in swimming lessons.

After one week of practice, she was swimming across the length of the pool! I could not believe the difference from where we started in May. I was so proud of my big girl…not to mention she was one of two four year olds on the team!



For the first two swim meets, she became a little freaked out. She lined up with the kids, but when it was her turn to swim she started to cry. She told me she did not like everyone watching – since when did this girl not want to perform for people!?



DSC_0002 (2)


For the last swim meet, it was the same routine…tears when it was her turn to swim. Her dad and coaches tried giving her pep talks, but nothing seemed to be working.

DSC_0010 (2)




When it was her turn, the buzzer sounded for the swimmers to jump in and she froze again. One of her coaches got into the water with her and they made her swim side by side with the coach. She cried the entire way, BUT she made it across. She never even put her head under the water. Did I ever tell ya’ll how stubborn by girl can be? Thanks to the coaches for having so much patience :)






She didn’t swim the meet like she does in practice, BUT I think that may have been the push she needed to realize that it’s just the same as practice. After all that drama, she had the nerve to smile big when she got out – because everyone was cheering and calling her name. What a diva!


Since she didn’t want to swim in the meets this year, I had to bring my camera to practice to get her in action. She does so well at practice…I don’t know why she didn’t want to show off her mad skills at the meets! Next year…no tears!

Way to go Gators on an awesome season!


Ole Jim

With Father’s Day approaching, I thought I would brag on my dad a little – he is pretty much the coolest man I’ve ever met.

Growing up, I never heard my dad yell. He fussed us, but never yelled. When we did something wrong, he would put a guilt trip on us so bad that we wished we would just get a whooping instead. It made us realize and fix our own problems by ourselves. I already see myself parenting this way with my girls.

He is a hard worker. It KILLS him to take one day off of work…he is so dedicated to his business and it shows in the loyalty to his customers.

He is an amazing grandfather. Not only is he a wonderful dad, but seeing him with the grandkids makes my heart melt. He takes the kids on field trips to the camp, lets them help pick and plant in his garden, and tells the best tickle stories on the block. Those kids love their Grampi.



He is just FUN. Whenever you are around him no matter the place, you will have a good conversation and a good laugh. That’s probably the reason he has so many friends.

If you really get him going, you may be able to witness his beer tricks or bird dance. IF you are lucky.

If you really know Ole Jim, then you have probably heard at least one of the following phrases:
(when he wants you to have a good time) “Go fun yourself.”
“Are you a man or a mouse?”
(leaving at a late hour) “Let’s go, Ma. Cazenave’s getting ready to open.”
“Practice patience.”
(when he doesn’t know the answer to a question) “I’m just a mechanic.”

So Happy Father’s Day to the coolest guy I know – I love you Daddy!


Jules – First Year of Swimming Lessons

Last week my baby girl finished her first year of swimming lessons! She is still not a fan of going under the water, but she was so brave and showed off her skills at Show Off Day. She cooperated much better than her sister did at that age ;)








Look how long her hair is when it’s wet! She has long hair for about two seconds until those precious curls bounce back into place.




Good job my Julesy girl! We are so proud of you!



My Babies are BACK!

I am so glad to have both of my babies back home! When my in-laws told us they wanted to take the grandkids to the beach from Monday-Friday, I agreed at first. As the trip got closer and closer, I started second guessing my decision.

Our options were Disney or our annual beach vacation this year. Since we chose Disney in January, our beach getaway would have to wait until next year. The girls were able to get both! I was jealous!

Seth would tell me that it was the same about of time that we left them when we went to Punta Cana last year. That was different! WE left them….WE were occupied the whole time. Now THEY were leaving us…and I just had to go through my daily routine without my little girls. What a week.

When they left Monday morning, they were excited and ready for the beach. I cried all the way to work and then some. By Wednesday, I wanted to get in the car for a road trip to go meet them, but my husband didn’t approve. I cannot function without my kids! I was miserable all week. I don’t think they will be going on vacation without me for a very long time.

A huge thanks, however, to my in-laws for braving a vacation with three little girls. They had a blast, and I was excited to get pictures daily.



On the way to Orange Beach, they stopped for lunch at Lambert’s – home of the famous “throwed rolls.” Flying food…I’m sure Jules was in Heaven!



That evening, they got to play in the sand. You know that feeling when you step into the sand for the first time in a LONG time!? Ahhhh





The next morning they went eat at The Hangout for the Pirate & Princess breakfast. We did this two years ago, so I’m not sure the girls remembered. At the end of the meal, they go on a treasure hunt – too cute!




After a little fun in the splash park at the hotel, they spent the afternoon on the beach. Momma was so jealous getting all these pictures! I’m missing the beach terribly this year.




The next day they spent the day on the beach and in the pool, and finished the afternoon off with a delicious snowball!






That night they went to The Track to ride some rides (I’m sure they were in Heaven). Then they were so excited to get their flashlights and look for sand crabs when they got back to the condo!





I’m sure it was bittersweet on their last day, but Mom was super happy! I’m sure they held up much better than I did all week :)




Again, thanks Maw & Pappy for a fun and memorable vacation for our girls! But next time, Mom & Dad are coming! Or maybe Mom and Dad can go to Punta Cana again….

This week would have been much more tolerable if I could drink right now. The pregnancy hormones did not help much!

I hated the boredom. Seriously, what did we do before we had kids!?

I hated the quietness. I had no play to watch, no song to hear, and no performance to clap for every night…I just had to watch the stupid TV which is far less entertaining than my kiddos.

I hated the separation. I just MISSED them. Day 1 was fine…no big deal, but then I had an aching need to hug and kiss them until they were blue in the face.

I can’t wait to become a smother mother all weekend :)

Easton’s 4D Ultrasound

Hello third trimester! At this point in each of my pregnancies, we visited a 4D ultrasound clinic to get a sneak peek of the baby at 27 weeks. This time, Daddy, Nana, Maw, Pappy, Aunt Beth, Kennedy, Jules, & Liam came along to see Easton on the big screen.

The first thing the ultrasound tech noticed was that he is breech. No big deal since I’m having a section anyway, but it did make it a little harder to get front facing shots. All we saw at first was his little foot.

Then the tech zoomed in on his face, and O.M.G. it never gets old. I could not stop smiling at that little face. We are so in love with him already. He had his eyes open and was very alert and active.




He must be practicing for when Mom gets her camera out, because he gave us a big smile :) He will fit into the holiday photos perfectly.


I was pleasantly surprised to see some “chunk” on him! Being on this gallbladder diet, I haven’t gained nearly the weight I did for the girls, and I was scared he would be skin and bones at this appointment. However, he looks just as chunky as the girls did at this point in the pregnancy. I think he will have those squeezable cheeks just like Kennedy and Jules.

He will probably also have Jules’ appetite. He was a hungry little man and started chewing his hand mid-ultrasound.


He stayed awake for the majority of the ultrasound, but then gave us a big yawn and started to settle down. Posing for the paparazzi is a lot of work!


The entire time I watched him on the screen, I kept thinking about how much he resembled his sisters. I was so anxious to get home to compare his 4D ultrasound to theirs.


Only 12 more weeks to go until we can hold you, sweet boy! We love you so much!