Easton’s 4D Ultrasound

Hello third trimester! At this point in each of my pregnancies, we visited a 4D ultrasound clinic to get a sneak peek of the baby at 27 weeks. This time, Daddy, Nana, Maw, Pappy, Aunt Beth, Kennedy, Jules, & Liam came along to see Easton on the big screen.

The first thing the ultrasound tech noticed was that he is breech. No big deal since I’m having a section anyway, but it did make it a little harder to get front facing shots. All we saw at first was his little foot.

Then the tech zoomed in on his face, and O.M.G. it never gets old. I could not stop smiling at that little face. We are so in love with him already. He had his eyes open and was very alert and active.




He must be practicing for when Mom gets her camera out, because he gave us a big smile :) He will fit into the holiday photos perfectly.


I was pleasantly surprised to see some “chunk” on him! Being on this gallbladder diet, I haven’t gained nearly the weight I did for the girls, and I was scared he would be skin and bones at this appointment. However, he looks just as chunky as the girls did at this point in the pregnancy. I think he will have those squeezable cheeks just like Kennedy and Jules.

He will probably also have Jules’ appetite. He was a hungry little man and started chewing his hand mid-ultrasound.


He stayed awake for the majority of the ultrasound, but then gave us a big yawn and started to settle down. Posing for the paparazzi is a lot of work!


The entire time I watched him on the screen, I kept thinking about how much he resembled his sisters. I was so anxious to get home to compare his 4D ultrasound to theirs.


Only 12 more weeks to go until we can hold you, sweet boy! We love you so much!


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