My Babies are BACK!

I am so glad to have both of my babies back home! When my in-laws told us they wanted to take the grandkids to the beach from Monday-Friday, I agreed at first. As the trip got closer and closer, I started second guessing my decision.

Our options were Disney or our annual beach vacation this year. Since we chose Disney in January, our beach getaway would have to wait until next year. The girls were able to get both! I was jealous!

Seth would tell me that it was the same about of time that we left them when we went to Punta Cana last year. That was different! WE left them….WE were occupied the whole time. Now THEY were leaving us…and I just had to go through my daily routine without my little girls. What a week.

When they left Monday morning, they were excited and ready for the beach. I cried all the way to work and then some. By Wednesday, I wanted to get in the car for a road trip to go meet them, but my husband didn’t approve. I cannot function without my kids! I was miserable all week. I don’t think they will be going on vacation without me for a very long time.

A huge thanks, however, to my in-laws for braving a vacation with three little girls. They had a blast, and I was excited to get pictures daily.



On the way to Orange Beach, they stopped for lunch at Lambert’s – home of the famous “throwed rolls.” Flying food…I’m sure Jules was in Heaven!



That evening, they got to play in the sand. You know that feeling when you step into the sand for the first time in a LONG time!? Ahhhh





The next morning they went eat at The Hangout for the Pirate & Princess breakfast. We did this two years ago, so I’m not sure the girls remembered. At the end of the meal, they go on a treasure hunt – too cute!




After a little fun in the splash park at the hotel, they spent the afternoon on the beach. Momma was so jealous getting all these pictures! I’m missing the beach terribly this year.




The next day they spent the day on the beach and in the pool, and finished the afternoon off with a delicious snowball!






That night they went to The Track to ride some rides (I’m sure they were in Heaven). Then they were so excited to get their flashlights and look for sand crabs when they got back to the condo!





I’m sure it was bittersweet on their last day, but Mom was super happy! I’m sure they held up much better than I did all week :)




Again, thanks Maw & Pappy for a fun and memorable vacation for our girls! But next time, Mom & Dad are coming! Or maybe Mom and Dad can go to Punta Cana again….

This week would have been much more tolerable if I could drink right now. The pregnancy hormones did not help much!

I hated the boredom. Seriously, what did we do before we had kids!?

I hated the quietness. I had no play to watch, no song to hear, and no performance to clap for every night…I just had to watch the stupid TV which is far less entertaining than my kiddos.

I hated the separation. I just MISSED them. Day 1 was fine…no big deal, but then I had an aching need to hug and kiss them until they were blue in the face.

I can’t wait to become a smother mother all weekend :)

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