Ole Jim

With Father’s Day approaching, I thought I would brag on my dad a little – he is pretty much the coolest man I’ve ever met.

Growing up, I never heard my dad yell. He fussed us, but never yelled. When we did something wrong, he would put a guilt trip on us so bad that we wished we would just get a whooping instead. It made us realize and fix our own problems by ourselves. I already see myself parenting this way with my girls.

He is a hard worker. It KILLS him to take one day off of work…he is so dedicated to his business and it shows in the loyalty to his customers.

He is an amazing grandfather. Not only is he a wonderful dad, but seeing him with the grandkids makes my heart melt. He takes the kids on field trips to the camp, lets them help pick and plant in his garden, and tells the best tickle stories on the block. Those kids love their Grampi.



He is just FUN. Whenever you are around him no matter the place, you will have a good conversation and a good laugh. That’s probably the reason he has so many friends.

If you really get him going, you may be able to witness his beer tricks or bird dance. IF you are lucky.

If you really know Ole Jim, then you have probably heard at least one of the following phrases:
(when he wants you to have a good time) “Go fun yourself.”
“Are you a man or a mouse?”
(leaving at a late hour) “Let’s go, Ma. Cazenave’s getting ready to open.”
“Practice patience.”
(when he doesn’t know the answer to a question) “I’m just a mechanic.”

So Happy Father’s Day to the coolest guy I know – I love you Daddy!


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