Easton’s Nursery

When we built our house, Jules’ nursery was painted green and Kennedy’s room was painted a light blue. When the girls had to move into the same room together, it was a no brainer which room would be the nursery…it was already the perfect shade of blue!

When I asked Seth how he thought the nursery should be decorated, he said New Orleans Saints :/
I told him I love the Saints too, but black doesn’t exactly go into a baby’s nursery. So we settled on sports…after all, he name is Easton.




It was so much fun buying BLUE for a change. Boys can be fun too!
I can’t wait to fill all of his little picture frames with his newborn pictures


I loved all the vintage sports d├ęcor I found. I scored some old used baseballs and some of Daddy’s sports memorabilia. When we were in college, I made Seth a baseball scrapbook. Little did I know that book would one day be sitting on my son’s shelf in his room :)

Seth even had a baseball cap which he wore as a baby that I put on top of our “Watch Me Grow” bear.


Can we just talk about this gorgeous sign above the bed!? I knew I wanted something different above the crib, so of course I turned to Pinterest for ideas. I found a sign very similar to this one, and asked for help from a Facebook friend to paint it for the nursery. It came out better than I expected, and it makes the perfect focal point for the room. I love it! Check out her other work on her Facebook page – MEGHAN CRAWFORD.

He also has his own personalized bat already thanks to my in laws! They found this unique wooden bat which they had his name carved into – I will hang it on the wall at some point, but I haven’t found a display I like yet…for now it sits on his bed.


I just love his little nursery, and I hope he likes it just as much. Who knows…he might not even like sports at all! If he doesn’t, we will just move Daddy into this room ;)

Home Stretch

This has not been the easiest pregnancy by any means. I had ZERO issues when I was pregnant with Kennedy and Jules – it was smooth sailing until delivery day. This pregnancy is WAY different.

Starting at 8-9 weeks I started having constant pains under my rib cage. According to my symptoms, my doctor immediately knew there was something going on with my gallbladder. He sent me for a gallbladder ultrasound, which showed no signs of gallstones. He said he believed I have a failing gallbladder. The problem was, pregnant women cannot undergo the hydro scan which assesses the function of the gallbladder.

I was put on a gallbladder diet, saw a dietician, and constantly monitor what I eat and drink. If you have ever been on a gallbladder diet you know how much fun that can be….plain toast, plain rice, plain noodles, fruits, veggies, baked potatoes, and bland sandwiches. This is my meal plan for everyday…during pregnancy! All I want is chili cheese nachos with a side of cheese sticks….which I can’t have :(

My husband has been so good throughout the past couple of months. Denying a pregnant woman food can put her a little over the edge…plus the added hormones WHEW! He puts up with my complaining, and tries to think of different recipes to cook and add to my diet. I’m sure I have not been the easiest person to live with, but I haven’t heard him complain once.

At 35 weeks, my doctor scheduled a late ultrasound to make sure the baby was gaining the appropriate amount of weight since I can’t eat much. He is measuring well and is estimated at a healthy 6 pounds so far!

BUT, the end is near! In just 25 days we will meet our little man, and soon after that I will kick this gallbladder to the curb. I. CAN’T. WAIT.


Jules & Paige’s Pool Party – 3rd Birthday

Jules and her buddy Paige have known each other since birth…literally. They were born one day apart and met in the hospital nursery. They are best buds and we see them very often (they built directly across the street from us).

With a lot going on this year, we opted for a joint pool party – easy peasy! Usually I am the Pinterest party momma who spends and makes way too much on a birthday party, but honestly I am too exhausted LOL. Paige’s mom agreed…as she has been caring for a newborn. We decided on a simple and easy party for the girls…and they didn’t mind one bit.

The day before the party (Jules’ actual birthday), we gave Jules her present from our family. I told her after she took her bath she could open it (I knew once she opened it I wasn’t going to get her in the bath LOL). Kennedy was such the little momma giving her the present…and showing her how to use it – she is such a proud big sister.




We gave her the Amazon Kids Kindle Fire which she kept calling her ipad, but Kennedy made SURE to teach her the difference :)





For Jules & Paige’s party we decided on separate invitations. For the most part, we invite the same people to parties (with the exception of family), but I did not want Paige’s peeps to feel they needed to bring a gift for Jules.


My only request was that they each have their own cake. I wanted them to each have their own special happy-birthday-blow-out-the-candles moment.








I didn’t even put out themed food…and that is usually my favorite part! I guess being 9 months pregnant in 100+ degree weather is finally catching up with me…

We opted for hot dogs, chicken nuggets, French fries, and macaroni – any kids dream buffet :)








Even though big sister Kennedy can swim the length of the pool, she has always been afraid to go off the diving board and swim to the side. My big girl overcame her fear at the party and jumped off the diving board then swam to the side all by herself! Now we can’t get her off :)





My poor nephew Dayton broke his elbow a couple of weeks ago. Luckily, they make these cool oven-mitt looking devices to put over a cast so it doesn’t get wet. He looked so funny swimming with his little broken fin, but that didn’t stop him one bit.





Our usual cake decorator was out of town, so Brooke came to the rescue. She made two pool cupcake pull apart cakes – they came out great! I contributed the little banners…that’s about how talented I am in the cake decorating field :/



Paige’s turn was up first because, after all, she is one day older. Happy Birthday, Paige!




Jules’ turn was next – my girl was all smiles while we sang Happy Birthday. I kept laughing at momma Kennedy who kept watching Jules and clapping for her…I love how close they are :)






DSC_0077 - Copy

After cupcakes, it was time for presents. Every time someone would ask me what to get Jules for her birthday, I would say it does not matter because Jules is easy. It’s so true. She will like anything anyone gives her…and she gets so excited about every single present. She kept saying “Oh my gosh! Wow!” I could watch her open presents all day long.








When she opened this embroidered pillowcase, she said, “Look Mom! J-U-L-E-S! For Jules!”
Sha baby.





The birthday girls ended the evening by snacking on some cheese balls and goldfish from the beach pails…using the shovels :)


To Jules on Your 3rd Birthday

Julesy Wulsey,

Mommy & Daddy are so proud of the little girl you are becoming. You are such a good girl with the sweetest personality.

You are always the first to use your manners…”please” and “thank you” automatically come out of your mouth when you need something. You even remind big sister when she forgets!

You have the most infectious laugh…and when you laugh those dimples just make it more adorable. Daddy & I love to tickle you just so we can hear that belly laugh.


You have the softest heart. Mom doesn’t have to fuss you often, but when I do it breaks your heart (which then breaks mine even more!) You are a tough girl, but your feelings get hurt very easily.

You admire your big sister so much. You literally do anything Kennedy does…good or bad! You eat what she eats, watches what TV she watches, sings what she sings, plays what she plays, etc. etc. etc. You are her little shadow. I love to watch the two of you play together – rarely do ya’ll ever fight which is such a blessing. I know the sister fights will come one day, but for now I just enjoy how much ya’ll enjoy each other.


You have a love for food. Everyone laughs at how much food you can put down…and thoroughly enjoy every bite. Maybe that’s why you are always a happy and bubbly girl…you always have a full belly! You eat anything we put in front of you…in three years, I have found one food you turned away: grapefruit.


And of course…your hair. Strangers stop you in the store to look at that hair. People are constantly petting your head like a dog. They just have to touch it! You have adorable little ringlets that Mommy hopes never go away.



In just a few short weeks you will become a big sister for the first time! I can’t wait to see how great of a big sister you will be – you have a good teacher :)

Happy 3rd birthday, pretty girl! I love you big big!



Maternity Photos – 32 weeks

Ever since I had my little girls, I always wanted to take pictures with them in an all-dolled up photoshoot – just us girls. I figured a maternity photoshoot would be the perfect opportunity…before our little BOY comes! I wanted something really feminine…really pretty. I had visions of us in beautiful dresses in a field somewhere. I had our photographer all booked, and we were getting excited. One week before our pictures, the photographer had to reschedule…ok no biggie.

Finally, it was picture day! We spent all afternoon getting pretty – and it took ALL afternoon…trust me. We painted nails, had a snack, curled hair, had a meltdown, put on makeup, had another snack, painted nails again because they touched something…you could imagine the hormonal zoo that afternoon.

I loaded everyone in my car and the photographer called me…to reschedule. She said it was raining in the field where we were headed. I was bummed. I was exhausted. There was no way I was rescheduling again after we had done all of our beauty work LOL. I was just going to cancel altogether. Luckily, Nana came to the rescue and said, “Come on over, and I’ll take some pictures of ya’ll!” So we headed to Mr. “Weasel” & Mrs. Delane’s beautiful yard down my mom & dad’s street. They have so many picture opportunities in that yard!

DSC_1071 - Copy



DSC_1087 - Copy



Kennedy & Jules were actually very cooperative. By now, they should be well trained in front of the camera ;)












Nana did an awesome job! We took a bunch then I headed home to edit them all – my favorite part :)

We didn’t get my field I was hoping for, but I LOVE the way these pictures turned out! Thank you SO much Nana, Mr. Weasel, & Mrs. Delane for saving us from a photoshoot meltdown!

A lot of people asked me where their dresses came from…
I had been eyeing those dresses on Zulily for weeks now. They come in a variety of colors, and I thought this blue/green would be perfect. I love all the pleats in the dress, and I was lucky enough to find a dress for myself with the same pleats!

RIB, White, & Blue

Our 4th of July was spent at the lake with good friends, family, & lots of food. It was the 2nd annual Rib Cook-Off. The teams started at 11:30am, and time was called at 5:30pm. The kids had a blast and were exhausted by the time we went home.

Fourteen teams participated in the cook off this year! Some had matching shirts, secret spices…but they all had major smack talk with each other :)







While the teams got to work, the kids had so much to do – two kiddie pools, a tent with toys, the canal to swim in, and water balloons. The snowball machine was also a big hit – especially for mamma ;)








I thought it would be miserably hot; however, the weather was perfect. We were setup under some huge trees, and the breeze from the lake made the day enjoyable. It was so relaxing!






Then the crowning moment came when it was time to present the finished ribs to the judges. Seth & Henry placed second last year, so they were trying for that #1 spot this go round. Everyone wanted their name next to the “2015” spot on the rib plaque.





3rd place – Aunt Cheryln & T-Pop!



2nd place – Seth & Henry! (second year in a row!)




…and the 2015 Rib Champions – Doog & Devin! (AGAIN!)
Those judges taste buds never changed…1st & 2nd place was the exact same as last year!




It was an awesome day filled with good weather, good food, and plenty laughs! We ended the night watching some fireworks, but the girls fell asleep soon after in their beds. Happy 4th everyone!