To Jules on Your 3rd Birthday

Julesy Wulsey,

Mommy & Daddy are so proud of the little girl you are becoming. You are such a good girl with the sweetest personality.

You are always the first to use your manners…”please” and “thank you” automatically come out of your mouth when you need something. You even remind big sister when she forgets!

You have the most infectious laugh…and when you laugh those dimples just make it more adorable. Daddy & I love to tickle you just so we can hear that belly laugh.


You have the softest heart. Mom doesn’t have to fuss you often, but when I do it breaks your heart (which then breaks mine even more!) You are a tough girl, but your feelings get hurt very easily.

You admire your big sister so much. You literally do anything Kennedy does…good or bad! You eat what she eats, watches what TV she watches, sings what she sings, plays what she plays, etc. etc. etc. You are her little shadow. I love to watch the two of you play together – rarely do ya’ll ever fight which is such a blessing. I know the sister fights will come one day, but for now I just enjoy how much ya’ll enjoy each other.


You have a love for food. Everyone laughs at how much food you can put down…and thoroughly enjoy every bite. Maybe that’s why you are always a happy and bubbly girl…you always have a full belly! You eat anything we put in front of you…in three years, I have found one food you turned away: grapefruit.


And of course…your hair. Strangers stop you in the store to look at that hair. People are constantly petting your head like a dog. They just have to touch it! You have adorable little ringlets that Mommy hopes never go away.



In just a few short weeks you will become a big sister for the first time! I can’t wait to see how great of a big sister you will be – you have a good teacher :)

Happy 3rd birthday, pretty girl! I love you big big!



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