Easton’s Nursery

When we built our house, Jules’ nursery was painted green and Kennedy’s room was painted a light blue. When the girls had to move into the same room together, it was a no brainer which room would be the nursery…it was already the perfect shade of blue!

When I asked Seth how he thought the nursery should be decorated, he said New Orleans Saints :/
I told him I love the Saints too, but black doesn’t exactly go into a baby’s nursery. So we settled on sports…after all, he name is Easton.




It was so much fun buying BLUE for a change. Boys can be fun too!
I can’t wait to fill all of his little picture frames with his newborn pictures


I loved all the vintage sports décor I found. I scored some old used baseballs and some of Daddy’s sports memorabilia. When we were in college, I made Seth a baseball scrapbook. Little did I know that book would one day be sitting on my son’s shelf in his room :)

Seth even had a baseball cap which he wore as a baby that I put on top of our “Watch Me Grow” bear.


Can we just talk about this gorgeous sign above the bed!? I knew I wanted something different above the crib, so of course I turned to Pinterest for ideas. I found a sign very similar to this one, and asked for help from a Facebook friend to paint it for the nursery. It came out better than I expected, and it makes the perfect focal point for the room. I love it! Check out her other work on her Facebook page – MEGHAN CRAWFORD.

He also has his own personalized bat already thanks to my in laws! They found this unique wooden bat which they had his name carved into – I will hang it on the wall at some point, but I haven’t found a display I like yet…for now it sits on his bed.


I just love his little nursery, and I hope he likes it just as much. Who knows…he might not even like sports at all! If he doesn’t, we will just move Daddy into this room ;)

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