Easton’s Newborn Pictures

It’s no surprise I love taking pictures. It’s a rare occasion when we go to a professional photographer, because I love the hobby of taking and editing the photos myself. So when it was time for Easton’s newborn pictures to be taken, I could not wait to “play babies” with him and pose him for the camera.

I knew I wanted his big sisters in a couple of them, so I figured we would take those first since I knew that would be the most challenging. Momma has her work cut out for her getting three to cooperate!





I saw an idea on Pinterest of the “stork” dropping a basket by the door, and the sibling(s) finding the baby at the doorstep. I put Easton in a basket and did not tell the girls. I told them open the door for a surprise :)




Next we took some pictures in only his diaper – I wanted to get some good face close-ups and that blonde hair.





DSC_0071 - Copy


Next I wanted to have some fun with Harley. I bribed him with a treat, and he let me pose him like I wanted. Easton even smiled while Harley was posing on him! A smiling newborn and a dog – could it get any sweeter!?

DSC_0021 (2)

DSC_0021 (2) - Copy

Of course with all his baseball d├ęcor, I had to setup a little baseball backdrop. We tried these with Easton being naked; however, he prefers to be swaddled tight. Still adorable!


DSC_0053 (2)




Last but not least we had to take some pictures for Dad – Who Dat style :)
Can you believe my boy started smiling during his Saints pictures!? His dad was so happy and said, “well what did you expect?”



DSC_0031 - Copy

I added a little bonus for giggles :)

DSC_0034 - Copy

He smiles often. Some people says he’s seeing angels, others say it’s gas. I like to think he’s just happy being here :)

It took me three days (and a lot of patience), but I’m so happy with his pictures. I can’t believe it’s been one week already that we have had him in our lives. Seems like he’s always been here :)

Introducing Easton Matthew

Whenever we were in discussions about a third baby, I was always 100% ready…Dad was more on the fence about #3. I kept telling Seth I just “know” that we need to have another baby. He would never get it…”What do you mean you know?”

It was so hard to explain to him what I meant. It’s not that I did not feel complete or satisfied with my family of four, it was just that I felt we were missing someone. I had the strongest feeling that we were actually missing a family member. Seth kept telling me that maybe my instincts were telling me we needed another dog ;)

I prayed about it daily – asking God to give me some clarification on this feeling I had been having for a while. I guess a mother’s intuition is always right, because on August 19, 2015, our little missing piece entered our lives.

Say hello to our little miracle Easton Matthew!

DSC_0031 - Copy

DSC_0055 - Copy


DSC_0058 - Copy


DSC_0064 - Copy

His big sisters could not stop smiling that entire day. Mom & Dad gave them Big Sister gifts before the big arrival – dollie backpacks with their names – filled with some goodies to pass the waiting time at the hospital. They loved them!





Some of my favorite pictures are of Kennedy and Jules meeting him for the first time. You can just see and feel the excitement in their eyes.






Easton is so blessed to be loved by so many already. We are so thankful for all the friends and family we have in our lives. I was blown away by the texts, calls, messages, and well wishes by so many. We truly feel so loved by so many.

Ribbet collage 1

Ribbet collage 2

Ribbet collage 3

Thank you, God, for giving us this little miracle on Earth to add to our family.





First Day of PreK-3 & PreK-4

Many people think PreK-3 is too young for kids to start school. My thinking is that if she is going to be in daycare, she might as well be in a school setting to help her prepare for next year. I was blown away by what Kennedy learned in PreK-3. She writes her first and last name, knows all her letters and numbers, knows multiple prayers…the list continues! So when it was time for Jules to begin PreK-3, I felt a lot more comfortable sending her to “big school.”

Kennedy was one of the oldest in the class…Jules will be one of the youngest. So my baby girl looks so little in that uniform yet so grown up at the same time. I knew she would be fine, because she has been so excited about starting big school. I knew big sister would take care of her too….they are right across the hall from each other. They will have recess together, and be able to eat lunch around the same time. I just know that Kennedy will look out for Jules. They are best buddies.


The entire way to school Kennedy was telling Jules the schedule of her day. “I will be able to have recess with you! “My class will line up behind your class at lunch, ok?” They are so sweet to each other.




When I dropped them off, Kennedy had to go straight to the cafeteria, and Jules had to go straight to her classroom. They grabbed hands when we got out of the car and just started walking like they knew where to go. Jules was just walking around like she has been there for years. Both of them just kissed me and waved, “BYE MOM!” No trouble at all…my big girls.



About two hours later, I received a text from one of the teachers…Kennedy was doing awesome, but Jules needed some hugs. When they asked her what was wrong, she said she was hungry! Jules hungry?! NOOO!! That girl can eat all day. So the sweet teachers gave her a snack and she was fine afterwards. (and yes, she had breakfast)



I could not wait to pick them up to hear all the stories from their day. They talked nonstop on the way home – mostly about the playground, monkey bars, and balance beam. Both of them can’t wait to go back! It makes it a lot easier on momma when your kids are so excited about school!


I can’t wait for another great year at school! Have fun my girls!