Easton’s Newborn Pictures

It’s no surprise I love taking pictures. It’s a rare occasion when we go to a professional photographer, because I love the hobby of taking and editing the photos myself. So when it was time for Easton’s newborn pictures to be taken, I could not wait to “play babies” with him and pose him for the camera.

I knew I wanted his big sisters in a couple of them, so I figured we would take those first since I knew that would be the most challenging. Momma has her work cut out for her getting three to cooperate!





I saw an idea on Pinterest of the “stork” dropping a basket by the door, and the sibling(s) finding the baby at the doorstep. I put Easton in a basket and did not tell the girls. I told them open the door for a surprise :)




Next we took some pictures in only his diaper – I wanted to get some good face close-ups and that blonde hair.





DSC_0071 - Copy


Next I wanted to have some fun with Harley. I bribed him with a treat, and he let me pose him like I wanted. Easton even smiled while Harley was posing on him! A smiling newborn and a dog – could it get any sweeter!?

DSC_0021 (2)

DSC_0021 (2) - Copy

Of course with all his baseball décor, I had to setup a little baseball backdrop. We tried these with Easton being naked; however, he prefers to be swaddled tight. Still adorable!


DSC_0053 (2)




Last but not least we had to take some pictures for Dad – Who Dat style :)
Can you believe my boy started smiling during his Saints pictures!? His dad was so happy and said, “well what did you expect?”



DSC_0031 - Copy

I added a little bonus for giggles :)

DSC_0034 - Copy

He smiles often. Some people says he’s seeing angels, others say it’s gas. I like to think he’s just happy being here :)

It took me three days (and a lot of patience), but I’m so happy with his pictures. I can’t believe it’s been one week already that we have had him in our lives. Seems like he’s always been here :)

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