It’s My Reality

Here’s the reality – Motherhood is the most rewarding experience in my life…it is why I was put on this earth. But it is so freaking exhausting – and it’s ok to admit! Whoever says that it’s easy with no hurdles or bad days is full of crap. The way I get through it is just to talk with other moms going through the same thing, and try to laugh at it as much as possible.

Sometimes when the baby has a crying spell, I cry too. It’s ok! It will pass (one day) and I’ll just cry at the next hard stage.

Last week I was waiting for Kennedy to get off the bus. It was 3:00 pm. I realized at that moment that I had not brushed my teeth yet that day. 3:00 pm and I had not even looked in the mirror at myself. So what did I do? I brushed my teeth at 3:05 pm that day…and that’s ok! (let’s not make that a habit).

I had a moment the other day where Easton was crying, and Jules was yelling from the bathroom, “I’M DONE!!!!!” She needed a wiper. So I walked in that bathroom with a baby in one arm, and wiped an ass with the other. It’s not talent – it’s just my reality right now.

Two days ago Seth was outside with the girls and I had Easton in my bathroom while I took a bath. I was able to shave HALF my legs – freaking HALF, because he started crying and needed me. So what did I do? I wore capris or long pants the next day…and that’s ok!

I look at some moms wearing boutique clothing, face full of makeup, hair always nice and fixed…and I just think to myself, “how the hell is that possible?!” If they can do it – great! I will not compare myself, though. If my kids are dressed and fed and not crying, then that’s a good day for me! Lord help me when I need to be ready for work in a couple of weeks – if I go in wearing long pants, you’ll know why ;)

I really do make an effort to try and not complain. It could be worse – it could be WAY worse. I need to be thankful that I get to enjoy my kids even if I look a hot mess. It’s not meant to be easy, but God will never give you anything you cannot handle!

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