To Kennedy on Your 5th Birthday

Sweet Kennedy,

5 years ago I looked down at one of the most beautiful little girls I have ever seen. Five years later, I still look at you the exact same way. You have taught me so much as a mother, and I hope you continue to teach me as you grow.

You are so full of life. You can make any boring situation a fun one. When there is nothing to play with, you make up games or songs to create a fun environment. We never have a dull moment when Kennedy is around!

DSC_0009 (2)

You love to entertain, and you love to make people laugh. We get to enjoy daily fashion shows, dance competitions, singing competitions, and world class gymnastics routines. You are so good at what you do – and you continue to grow and get better each day. We are so proud!


You are the worlds best big sister. I never had a sister, but I can tell you that if I could pick one…I would choose one just like you. If you take something to eat, you get one for Jules. If you pick a toy, you make sure to get her one as well. You are so thoughtful, and I can only hope that your relationship continues to get stronger. You also help out so much with your little brother. When he is crying, you get him his pacifier before I can even get to him! You will be such a good mommy one day.



I hope you have a blast at your gymnastics party this weekend – you deserve it! I’m so glad you like your brand new “big” bike from Mom & Dad. We love you so much, sweet girl. Continue to follow your dreams – they are never too big ;)





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