Turkey Day 2015

2013 we were in shorts, 2014 we were bundled up, and this year we were back to short sleeves. You never know what you will get with Louisiana weather! My kiddos were excited to spend the day outside with their cousins…and Momma was excited for the food ;)


Every year we visit my dad’s side of the family for Thanksgiving – this is the one time of year we get to see everyone on that side. The kids enjoy the swing set and tree house the best.


DSC_0046 (2)

We then head to my in-laws to visit with the family there. Between lunch at my uncle’s house, and supper at my in-laws, we were stuffed more than the turkey. Jules literally licked her plate clean.



My father-in-law set up a huge tent in the yard for the kids to play. They absolutely loved bringing their toys inside and playing “camp out.” They were excited to learn this was the same tent their dad used for boy scouts!


As I was trying to snap some pictures, Kennedy, Jules, Alyse, and Luke decided to “pose” for some different shots. I was laughing so hard. They have sleeping poses, scary poses, thinking poses, etc. They are NUTS!










We are missing Harley in our family picture, but I could not be more thankful for these people in my life. God has blessed us beyond measure. Happy Thanksgiving to my virtual family and friends!




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