He’s Baaackkk

Our December family member, Herbie, came back to spread his holiday cheer with our house. He wrote us a note to make sure we knew he returned!


The next day, it took a little while to find him…he was on top of the column in our house!


When the girls woke up the next morning they found he had made a pyramid with toilet paper rolls!


Then we found Herbie having a glow party the next day!



Herbie is something else! He is loving the Louisiana heat these days…he even brought his own sunscreen, magazine, & goggles!


I guess he loves relaxing, because he brought a little boat to float in the girls’ sink! Unfortunately, someone mysteriously tipped this boat, and Herbie ended up SOAKED.


He sure knows his way around this house! He dried off with a towel and the blow dryer!


The next morning something very unusual happened…Elsa FROZE Herbie! He was frozen in a block of ice on our kitchen counter!



Kennedy & Jules did not know what to think! They were just staring…and staring….and staring. They did not say a word. I let them know that the sun would be shining right on that very spot, and that it would melt the ice to set Herbie free. I heard a little sigh of relief afterwards :)




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