He’s STILL at it!

After Herbie thawed out from being frozen by Elsa, we found him shooting hoops in Easton’s room!


The next morning, he showed us how much he loved us by holding a picture of everyone…and a sign that said “I love my family!” He even left Christmas pajamas for the kids.

DSC_0006 (2)

DSC_0007 (2)

He must have been sneaking around in the playroom that night, because the girls found him trapped in their washing machine!


The next day we found him hanging out in the kitchen


Herbie must have seen that the dollhouse car needed some tuning up, because we found that he had the car jacked up…he was underneath fixing it with his tools! Watch out, Cazenave Motors…you have some competition here :)


That little stinker was back at it the next day when he toilet papered the kids bathroom…Kennedy said, “Now how are we supposed to take a bath!?”



The next morning we caught him cruisin’ the streets on the doll’s motorcycle!


Poor Easton was out of a swing the next day…Herbie hijacked it!


In the midst of his shenanigans, Herbie found the time to get pampered. We found him in the beauty chair getting his hair did :)


The girls did some fussing the next day when they found that Herbie put their underwear all over our Christmas tree. They fussed him saying, “Really, Herbie! The tree is not for underwear!”




All that fooling around made Herbie feel under the weather…the next morning we found he had caught a cold! Kennedy immediately said, “He probably caught that from Jules!”


He must have been feeling much better!  Look what we found on our wall picture! (I secretly giggle every time I pass this…it’s so funny looking)


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