Life lately has been crazy busy, but fun. Here are some highlights from our family lately :)

Kennedy & Jules celebrated their 100th day of school by dressing up like old ladies…


After being sick for a couple weeks, Easton is finally feeling better (and sleeping better which makes a happy mommy)


Kennedy dressed up like Chicka Chicka Boom Boom for Book Character Day…


…and we straightened Jules’ hair (because she asked to have long hair like Rapunzel)


Mom, Dad, & the girls attended a Mardi Gras parade…

Ribbet collage



Easton got a new baseball cap…


…and the girls got new shirts!


Kennedy has been spelling words on her own, and we created a sentence with the words she knows. Mom is proud of this one ;)


Easton watched his first Superbowl…


….and Harley reminds us that he was still the FIRST baby :)


Never a dull moment around here!

Catholic Schools Week

I was never going to talk about private vs. public school on here – I know it is a touchy subject with many. However, the Catholic school my children attend plays a huge role in our family (and this is my family blog), so I just thought I would preach my view.

I’m not going to sit here and say Catholic school is the only right choice for everyone…because it’s not. Some families have different views and are in different places in their life. Lets face it…there are pros and cons to each (like anything else in this world). Catholic schools allow for a deeper relationship between your child and God, help them understand themselves as a Christian, and encourage them to use the values taught in everyday learning experiences. But it’s expensive…especially when you have more than one child attending. Public schools score just as well on placement tests and academic achievements as private schools….and it’s free. I have nieces and nephews who attend public school and they are perfectly fine human beings – they will go on to do great things just as my children will.


When the subject came up of school for our children, Seth and I were at opposite ends. He went to public school all of his life, and I went to private all of mine. We sat and discussed (I don’t know how many times) the pros and cons of each. We had totally different views. It stressed me out, and I lost sleep. I could not think of my kids going anywhere else. I didn’t realize it as a student, but now as an adult appreciate what a privilege it was to attend Catholic school. When I started college, I remember thinking how weird it felt that my professor did not start class off with a prayer.


Obviously, in the end, we came to an agreement that they would attend Catholic school, and we could not be more satisfied with how well they are doing at the school we chose. I smile on the way home when I hear Kennedy talking about the stations of the cross in the back seat. I laugh every time Jules passes my in-laws bird bath, because she dips her hand in it and makes the sign of the cross. I think it’s awesome that they sing “Lamb of God you take away the sins of the world” in the bathtub.


I was at a meeting for school last night, and as the school priest was talking, he said something that really stayed in my head. He said we don’t realize how much time our kids are at school. The teachers, staff, principal, etc. see our children more than we do during the week. He said since we can’t “parent” our children while they are at school, we should feel comfortable knowing that their school as a whole is parenting the same ways we would be if we could be there.


He went on to say as parents we are constantly learning. Just when you feel like you have it under control, organized, and managed, life can throw a curve ball and you don’t know where to turn. I felt like he was talking directly to me after the two weeks we have been having.

Easton has been sick and not sleeping. He wakes up all night, and when my alarm rings at 4:30am, I could just cry. I have been forgetting things, been in a bad mood, and went to work with my shirt on backwards. It’s been a rough patch. However, even though I may be exhausted and frazzled lately (and the school faculty probably thinks I’m nuts sometimes), I feel comfortable knowing that at least they are doing it right. Even if I’m not 100% the best mom this week, I feel at ease knowing that the values and morals I overlooked are being taught to my kids all day. So even if I’m not physically with them all day, I kinda sorta feel like I am.


Again, I know private school is not the right choice for every family. We are all at different places in our lives. Who knows….something may happen in our life in the next couple of years, and I may have to send mine to public school. I have nothing against the public school system, and I am grateful our parish offers some wonderful public school options. However, I will continue to sacrifice what is needed so that my children can remain in their Catholic school. We may not have the nicest landscaped yard, the newest cars, (hell, I had to start selling Scentsy to help out), but in my opinion it’s worth every penny.

Happy Catholic Schools Week, everybody!