-Life Lately-

I just came to update the blog, and I realized I haven’t posted in two weeks! We have been super busy! Girls started t-ball, Easton’s teething, and mamma is Scentsy busy! Sometimes I don’t know if I’m coming or going!

Last week, Daddy went with Jules on her field trip to the Bayou Country Children’s Museum. He said she had a blast, and she said her favorite part was the big bubble!



Ribbet collage



Even though he has been teething for a while, Easton has yet to pop out a tooth! He’s still cute with just gums ;)


My godchild, Jaden (Easton’s nanny) had her art show at school. We all went to support her, and we ate hibachi afterwards. I love watching the kids at the hibachi table!!



Ribbet collage2

Ribbet collage3

When it was time for the chef to throw eggs for us to catch in our mouths, I had more fun watching Kennedy laugh at everyone at the table. She could hardly catch her breath!



A few days later, we woke up to a tornado warning right when we were walking out of the door for school. I usually just stay in from of the TV for these, but the alerts kept coming in one after the other. I got a little nervous and gathered everyone in the hallway for a little while. They couldn’t have cared less, and Harley was just looking around like we were nuts. IMG_2771

Life is busy – just the way we like it! (I should note that I had to delete multiple selfie photos to be able to take hibachi pictures) The duck face selfie and the crying selfie….Lord, help me. Ribbet collage5

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