To Jules on your 4th Birthday

Jules Camryn,

Our little hot mess is four years old! You are getting to be such a big girl, and Mommy & Daddy love watching you grow. You have so many friends, and everyone just loves that “Julesy Wulsey.”



You always make people laugh, which I think is one of your best traits. You have the best little personality with a laugh that is infectious. You are so laid-back and have a “go with the flow” kind of attitude. I hope you keep that as you grow. You don’t get upset over much….don’t tell Daddy, but I think you get that from me :)



You are also very stubborn. You like to stand your ground (even if you know that you are wrong), just to make your point. Don’t tell Daddy, but I think you get that from him :)


We love to have conversations with you. You jump from one subject to the other, which tells me that the wheels in your head are constantly turning. You ask so SO many questions…but that tells me you are very smart! I know you will do so well in PreK this year.



You are growing into such a pretty young lady. Those curls, dimples, golden tan, and that adorable personality will catch the hearts of many boys one day. And don’t be shy….when you are on that first date…you order the messiest BBQ ribs like you know you want to….if he is a keeper, he will be tying your curls back and handing you a wet wipe.



I love you so much, Julesy Wulsey!! Never stop being who you are!

Love, Mom


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