Our Family Has Grown By 4 Paws!

Meet Deuce.

We never talked about getting another dog – we are busy enough with what we have already – trust me. I scroll through several dogs on Facebook on a daily basis, and while I want to take them all home, I never bring up the subject.

However on a random day I scrolled pass this sweet little face, and I immediately sent Seth his picture. To my surprise, he was onboard. Within 5 minutes, we were new puppy parents. It was crazy – like he was meant for our family :)

IMG_5733[1] Our little miniature Schnoodle was not quite ready to be taken home yet, but of course we went meet him when the girls returned from school. I did not tell them what the “surprise” was until them saw him – they could not stop smiling!




When he was 7 weeks old, we were finally able to take him to his new home – he laid in Mom’s lap like a good boy the whole way home :)





To everyone’s surprise, Harley welcomed him into our home with loving paws – he just lets Deuce jump on him, lick him, take his toys, etc. He is such a good big brother (but we knew that part already)




I don’t think Deuce walked his first two days at our house – he was held by Kennedy and Jules for the entire time. THEY NEVER PUT HIM DOWN. Sometimes I have to tell them they cannot hold him just so that he can have some alone time….and in that case, they just “watch” him.




When Easton gets a chance, he likes to love up on Deuce too! He loves to give Deuce kisses :)



He is definitely getting used to our family, and I think he likes us so far :) He is already spoiled rotten! Easton shows him how to climb on things, and he tries so hard!

He is such a big boy in the mornings waiting for the bus to pick up Kennedy & Jules. He just sits next to Harley like he knows what he is supposed to do!






Our biggest challenge so far has been his size – he is SO TINY. He weighs one pound one ounce. He is little bitty!!! We have to make sure no one steps on him, sits on him, etc




At least we know we are crazy, right? Welcome to the circus, Deuce!


One thought on “Our Family Has Grown By 4 Paws!

  1. Becky Wahden says:

    Awww. Such sweet pics of the whole family. Although we miss that little man like crazy we are very grateful that he went to such a loving home. Keep sending us pictures as he grows because the boys along with us love seeing them. Give him hugs and kisses from us because our home is definitely not the same since he and his sisters left

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