To Kennedy on your 6th Birthday

Dear Kennedy,

Today you are 6 on October 6th – your one and only golden birthday!

As you become older, I realize I’m not as “cool” as I used to be…and maybe the smocked dresses I made you wear are too “baby” for you now. Every time I pack a new box of clothes it’s like a dagger to my heart! How I wish I could keep you little for just a while longer!


Seeing you with your sister and brother makes me realize how wonderful you will be as a mommy one day. (one day far far away) You have natural motherly instincts already; you take such good care of them and help me out so much. They are lucky to have you.


You are super silly and funny. I sure hope you keep these characteristics as you grow. Everyone loves a good crazy friend. One day you will not leave Snap Chat surprises for me anymore, and I will be so sad. I love finding your pictures on my phone!



I’m so proud of you in school – you are flying by in Kindergarten! You can read several sight words already, and can write a few as well! You melted my heart last week when you made a picture that read, “I love mi mom.”

You are so talented! You can rock gymnastics, dance, cheer, softball, swimming…and you are so talented at them all – you amaze me! I feel so privileged I get to be your Olympic judge every night and give you a score on your routine.I love your dedication to the things you love to do, and I cannot wait to see where your talents lead you in life.


Happy Golden Birthday my pumpkin – do this poor momma a favor and slow it down a little bit :)

I love you so much, Kenn! Love, Mom



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