The Fruit of our Loins

I was sitting on the porch watching the kids play in the yard, and I started thinking how each of them are miniature versions of me and Seth.

Kennedy is a natural caretaker. She is always the first to help with Jules or Easton. If she gets a cookie for herself, she is always getting two extras to give to her brother and sister. She has natural motherly instincts…I like to think she gets this from me.

She is the leader of the group,and she handles her title well. She has the softest heart, gets upset easily , but will belly laugh until she can’t breathe (guilty).

Seth thinks she gets her athletic abilities from him, but I would like to think I helped a little bit – especially in the dance and gymnastics department.


She is very silly, but determined. She loves to make people laugh…but not in front of strangers. She loves to put on a show, but only in front of people she knows well. Very outgoing, but very reluctant at the same time. Neither Seth nor myself are shy, so I’m not really sure where she picked up a shy trait!


Jules is a free spirit. She is just care free and goes with the flow. I suppose she gets that from me. But Jules always fights back…don’t push her buttons, because she will come back strong. She gets that from Seth. Her hair….well, she has me to thank for that :)


Jules can run super fast – I definitely give this one to Seth – I can’t even run to the mailbox. Whether she’s running, jumping, etc, she is always laughing – I’ll claim that one!

She eats everything in sight (guilty). She is the least patient out of the group (ahem, Seth), but she is a sweetheart. She always randomly picks a flower for me, and she always always says “I love you” out of the blue <3


Both Kennedy & Jules love Snapchat, which I can say 100% that would be from me.


Easton loves to be loved. He loves to cuddle and snuggle. One of his favorite things to do is sit on me to watch TV. He runs a close race with Jules in the appetite department, and he likes his demands to be met. (I’m not calling out any names here…)

He has a way with the ladies…and if I remember right, his dad was a womanizer back in the day ;)


But he is SO boy. Just like his daddy, he LOVES to be outside, he is obsessed with the four-wheeler, and he could watch a tractor or cane truck for an hour straight.


Sometimes I sit back and watch them play. I think to myself how amazingly awesome it is that we made these beautiful miracles. All of our qualities mixed up into three beautiful little humans.

Blessed. That is all.

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