I Can’t Get Rid of the Bottle

Easton is perfectly fine with drinking out of a sippy cup all day. He’s been drinking out of a sippy cup since he was 9-10 months old and never had an issue.

At night, however, when we are rocking as he falls asleep….I give him milk in a bottle. It’s not his choice…it’s mine. He would be content if I gave him his sippy cup, but I can’t. I have one lonely bottle left in my cabinet. The bottle that he gets rocked to sleep with every single night. I just can’t bring myself to take it away. You know why?

…because then I have to pack it up.

I have to put it away with the rest of the baby stuff…and I am having a hard time! He’s the last one (unless God has a big surprise plan for us) , and I just cannot pick up the last piece of baby I have left :(

He’s such a big boy, so he looks like a big preschooler drinking out of that bottle – but he’s still my baby. Why do I have such a hard time with the growing up part!?


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