Kids Christmas Gift List

I decided to put together some of my favorite gifts of all time – many of them gender neutral!

One of our all time favorite books to read – Tickle Monster. The set comes with giant tickle monster gloves to wear (and tickle) as you read. My kids LOVE this book! I actually saw it in a hospital gift shop, but I purchased it on Amazon.


What to get the kid that has everything!? A tooth fairy pillow! My kids don’t need these yet, but I have purchased these as gifts. They are meant to put right next to the pillow you sleep on….the tooth fairy carefully inserts money into the convenient little pouch located on the tooth fairy pillow. Perfect!

The ones pictured below are from LittleDollCloset & RubyLewisDesigns


I knew my girls would love Blankie Tails the minute I saw them on TV. It’s a blanket made to look like a mermaid tail or shark tail. They are super soft and very well made!


Another gift for the kid who has everything – a personalized plate or placemat. I get these through Shutterfly only, because I always have a coupon paired with the savings code of the week….which makes my gift dirt cheap!


Of course my go-to Scentsy gift for babies and small kids is a Scentsy Buddy or Baby Buddy. The larger buddies come with a scent pak that gets inserted into the buddy leaving him/her smelling divine. I absolutely love the way our playroom smells with all the Scentsy buddies we have! I usually get them paired with the French Lavender scent for a nice restful nap or bedtime :)


The baby buddies come scented already (can’t change the scent out), and they have baby teething rings attached – adorable!


We definitely will be asking Santa for a Quiet Book this Christmas. I have seen these in church with other families. It is an interactive book for small children to help keep them busy in quiet situations. These particular ones are from mokkaQUIETbook & lenaquilt; however, there are many different options other than the one pictured. They can be customized, gender specific, object specific, etc.


Hope this helps some of you who don’t know what to buy the little ones!

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