He’s BACK!

Our buddy from the North Pole, Herbie, came back to our house the day after Thanksgiving. We were at our neighbors house, and we walked in to find a surprise. He hung streamers in our doorway, and he wrote a welcome message in marshmallows! The kids faces were priceless.





All that flying from the North Pole must have made him hungry…we found him eating snacks in the pantry!


The next morning, Kennedy and Jules were in awe. Herbie was on a balance beam doing a trick! Kennedy said, “Now how does he know how to do that!?”


I heard giggles from the kitchen the next day when the girls found Herbie disguising himself as a reindeer!


Herbie must sense not to fly too low this year. The next day he was sitting up high on Easton’s tractor. He must know it’s harvesting season!


It was so sweet when we found him praying by baby Jesus in the nativity set.


The kids were laughing at his shenanigans the next morning. Herbie made a “shoe shoe” train out of a mixture of their shoes!



The next morning I heard, “Moommmmmmaaa!!” Herbie must have gotten into some trouble, because we found him all taped up to the mirror!


We love this time of year, and we love that Herbie adds some magic to the season every day. We can’t wait to see where he will end up next!

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