Elfing Around

Herbie has been so busy lately that he got himself stuck in our snowman decoration…


He must have wanted to relax the next day, because we found him watching TV by a little fireplace!


After we looked everywhere the next morning, we finally found Herbie in our refrigerator. The girls were full of giggles when they realized he put googly eyes on everything in our fridge – including himself! He was hiding in our cheese drawer!



He must have been up to no good the next day, because we found he got caught in one of our cabinets!


Then next morning he was full of jokes as he left a knock knock joke for the kids to read – Knock Knock – who’s there ? – Mary. – Mary who? – Mary Christmas!! They repeated that joke all day long.


We found him in the mudroom on our calendar the next day – he circled his favorite date!


The kids loved that he played tic tac to with our marshmallows. They wanted to play too!


The next morning we found Herbie playing our Operation game – with a surgical mask on! Jules said she didn’t hear the buzzer go off…Herbie must be good at this game!


He must have needed some caffeine the next morning when we found him in a coffee cup under the Keurig machine. Mamma was not happy when she couldn’t have her afternoon coffee that day!


Herbie made it up by cleaning the bathroom mirror – with Mom’s favorite product – Scentsy Counter Cleaner :)


The next day we found him coloring in a Christmas coloring book – he even wrote his name on one of the pages!



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