Herbie Wrap-Up

Herbie found the hidden spot for stickers, because we found him covered in princess stickers one day!


He scored 3 points the next morning when we found him stuck in Easton’s basketball goal!


Herbie spoke with a fellow elf, and decided to get on Mommy’s snapchat while we were asleep. The girls were tickled with his pictures.






The next morning we found that he wrote all of his favorite Christmas song titles on a roll of paper towels!


Every year the kids laugh so hard when Herbie places their underwear in silly spots. This year, he hung them on our dining room light!


The next day he was feeling playful, because we found him in Easton’s jack-in-the-box.


That night, Kennedy made Herbie a necklace and a bracelet. We laid it out for him hoping he would find it in the morning. Sure enough, when we woke up, we found him wearing her craft with a thank you note.



However, that night before dinner, something terrible happened. Herbie thought he was hiding high enough, but to our surprise, Easton was tall enough to touch his leg and bring him down…to the ground. Both girls immediately started crying and staring at him – it was a catastrophe. I told them that Easton didn’t know any better…and that Herbie probably understood the situation.


Jules looked up with her big teary eyes and said, “I think we need to say a Hail Mary.” So, we stood in a circle around Herbie and held hands as we said the prayer. I said that prayer biting my lip so hard to keep from giggling. Anything to keep the magic alive :)

To our surprise, while we were eating dinner, Herbie magically hopped back onto the windowsill in the exact position he was before. We knew he would be fine!!

We knew he was ok the next morning when we found that he drew faces on all the mandarins!


He left a countdown on our mirror the next day reminding us that there were only “3 more days” until Christmas day!


The next morning we all were laughing. Herbie drew on the kids’ noses while they were asleep. He colored them all green!!






On his last morning with our family, we found Herbie drew on our wall picture! He loves to do this every year before he leaves ;)


Thanks for another great year, Herbie! We enjoy you so much, and we love the joy you bring to the kids. See you next year!








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