Filthy Friday

On Good Friday, we always visit my brother’s house for a good ole fashioned crawfish boil. A beautiful day ended with some rain…and some filthy kiddos.

The girls were anxious to jump in the canal with the boys…I told them to hold off since we did not bring an extra set of clothes. They kept inching their way closer and closer….





Ribbet collage2

Poor Easton just wanted someone to play ball – this is the case 24/7. He either kicks a ball, holds his bat, or starts throwing a ball until he convinces someone to play :)




Ribbet collage

The rain came later in the afternoon, but it did not stop any of the kids. They all just played in the rain. Easton could not stop smiling – he absolutely loved to run in the rain.


Ribbet collage4


Ribbet collage3

Ribbet collage5

Like I mentioned before, the girls were inching closer and closer to that muddy canal….and not surprisingly “just slipped” into the muddy mess. They just don’t know how it happened!!



DSC_0234All that running in the rain made Easton hungry, because we found him gnawing on some crawfish!


Ribbet collage6


Another wonderful day spent with some great family and friends. We used triple the amount of soap we normally would use at bath time, but you can’t beat memories like these!

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