Kennedy’s Kindergarten Field Trip – Strawberry Farm

For Kennedy’s Kindergarten field trip, we visited Liuzza Land Farms – a (mostly) strawberry farm with so many activities for kids. Such a fun trip! The farm is decorated so perfectly, and everything was so organized – a must when dealing with field trips year round!



Our first stop was AgVenture Land where the focus was “farm to table”. The kids learned how food is harvested and how goods are collected…milk, wool, eggs, produce etc.  They then were given some food to feed the goats around the area!

Ribbet collage2


Ribbet collage

Next we headed to the enormous jumping pillow and hill slide – they really enjoyed these two! It was hot, but it didn’t stop the fun.


Ribbet collage3

We hopped on a wagon for a guided tour around the fields – over 500 acres! We learned about fertilizing, harvesting, packing & cooling, and delivering the produce.



Next was the fun part – actually picking the strawberries! We were able to get in the fields and pick a crate for each of us to bring home – Jules, Easton, and Daddy were happy when we got home with these goodies!


Ribbet collage4


After lunch, the kids planted a seed for them to take home and water. We have our plant on our windowsill and anxiously wait for the first green sprout!


The class ended the trip with a mule ride around the area!

Ribbet collage5

Did I mention there’s a random zebra on site? Not sure how he fit in, but I liked him!


Super cool field trip with my first baby – it’s nice to have that one on one time we rarely get nowadays :)


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