SPC Family/Field Day 2017

Every year our school hosts a Family/Field day where parents can go and watch the kids play numerous games with their classmates. Lunch is offered, and the family can sit down and have a picnic on the playground! The girls were excited for me to bring Easton to school…and I think he was just as excited. He wanted to go play with them so bad!

Since each student stays with their class, I had to run back and forth with Easton to watch the girls at every game. I think I had just as much exercise as them on this day.

The first game was USE YOUR HEAD. They had to push a ball using only their head – Kennedy told me she was dizzy!



Game 2 was GOLF RACE. They used a golf club to putt the ball down the aisle. Easton clapped each time it was Kennedy or Jules’ turn. Such a good little brother!


DSC_0212 - Copy

Game 3 was a super cute activity called PIZZA DELIVERY. They had to deliver the pizza boxes (without dropping them) to the next person in line.



PLUNGING TO THE FINISH was Game 4. Sitting on a roller scooter, they had to use toilet plungers to make it across! Easton thought this one was hilarious ;)



Game 5 was another cute event – CARRY THE ARK. Using pool noodles as a base, they had to walk with a partner to “carry the ark” across the way. This one took a lot of balance!


Game 6 was DELIVER THE ICE CREAM. Another balancing act to get the ball across using only a cone cup!


My buddy wanted to go and play so bad. However, he was so good in that stroller and just watched everyone. I knew if I would let him out that would be a done deal – and he would never get back into the stroller. He waited so patiently until he was his turn.


Last but not least, BALLOON RUN was Game 7. They jumped across the way with a balloon in between their knees!


Daddy came meet us for lunch, and we had a picnic under the trees. It was a perfect weather day!

Easton was finally able to stretch those chubby legs and get on the playground. The girls kept brining him to each spot they play at recess. “Come see the slide, Easton! Easton, this is where I swing! Easton, come see this playhouse!” He didn’t know where to look first!



The entire day was very well planned and organized – it ran so smoothly. Awesome job, SPC!


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