School’s OUT! (& Kindergarten Graduation)

On the last day of school, Kenn had a pizza party and Jules had an ice cream sundae party! Perfect treats to start their summer vacation. They sure have grown this year – I am so proud of the little ladies they are becoming. We are thankful to their teachers who guided them through this tough school year. Look out kindergarten and first grade!

Ribbet collage


Ribbet collage66



A couple of days later, everyone put on their best to attend Kennedy’s kindergarten graduation. They clean up well ;)




I love to go back and look at pictures of Kennedy and cousin Luke. They were so tiny in PreK-3! I love watching them grow together at school – they will always watch out for each other.

Ribbet collage5





Since Kennedy lost her first tooth on the last day of school, she was not able to show any of her classmates. So the minute she saw anyone, she proudly showed the hole in her mouth – even on stage :)


I had mixed feelings about this graduation. I was happy the kids are growing and doing so well in school…and excited for their new chapter in first grade. However, I still carry a heavy heart that there would be one less classmate to finish the year. DSC_0164

How do you pay tribute to a fallen classmate (in a room full of kindergarteners) without anyone getting scared or confused? The school, teachers, and staff handled it so beautifully. At the start of the ceremony, the class walked in with white roses to place at Samantha’s table. Her slideshow played in the background. It was the perfect, most simple and pure way to honor this angel. This class will never forget her precious face. They are all much stronger than I am…who could barely take pictures behind the tears. However, I know she gives them strength to handle whatever comes their way.




Once on stage, Kennedy led the room in the opening prayer…The Hail Mary.

Ribbet collage243

The classes then performed “This Little Light of Mine” and “The Butterfly Song.” We then watched a slideshow of the cuties on stage.




Kennedy received her certificate of completion signifying she was officially a FIRST GRADER!


We had cake and lemonade afterwards, but Mr. Easton was not in a good mood….beast mode, actually. We stayed long enough for everyone to have cake, but then had to bring that man home to bed.


Ribbet collage7

Tough and emotional year, but this class pulled through. Now they will have an angel watching down from the best seat in class :) Congratulations to all!


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