Punta Cana Day 3 – Scentsy Incentive Trip

On this day, we decided to try one of 13 pools on this resort – yes, thirteen. This resort was HUGE! This was a more secluded pool we found…complete with bahi beds, hammocks, lounge chairs, music, food, and drinks! Bingo!






We met some wonderful friends in the pool, and had way too much fun. It was definitely a day we will remember…without pictures :) So much fun that we could not make dinner and had to order room service. Those are the best days, right!? This is the picture that sums up our day (multiplied by about 20).


When we made it to our room, we found another room drop! Message in a bottle! It was a Punta Cana pin to add to our bag – so cute!



Scentsy with me and join me on our next trip!

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