To Jules on Your 5th Birthday

My Julesy,

These letters get harder and harder to write every year. It means you are growing fast – much faster than I would like! However, you are growing into such a young lady…and Dad and I are so proud.


You have the most kindest & gentlest heart. You always think of others, and you always want what’s best for other people. For your birthday this year, you asked Nana for a Build-A-Bear. She brought you to the mall by yourself, and let you stuff, dress, and name your bear (bunny). You asked Nana if you could make 2 bears…so that you could bring one home to Kennedy. You are just the sweetest little girl! We are so lucky to have such a caring daughter!


You still randomly come up to me and say, “Mom, I love you!” It melts my heart every time. You are the best snuggler and cuddler…and I could squeeze you to pieces! I wonder how long you will let me do that!


Not only are you beautiful on the inside, but on the outside too! Your curls, dimples, and that tan (that Mom is so jealous of) will break the hearts of many little boys one day….one day FAR FAR away.


You have so much determination. A couple of months ago, you randomly asked me to take the training wheels off of your bike. I tried helping you and showing you how to ride on two wheels. You kept pushing me away, and told me you could do it by yourself! It took two days, and you were riding everywhere. You work hard for what you want!


Keep being your own person….keep being Jules! I love that you stay true to yourself no matter what.


I hope you had a fantastic birthday party this weekend – you deserve everything in the world! I love you so much, Julesy Wulesy!




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