First Days – Kindergarten & First Grade

The girls were up and ready early this week – so much excitement for the first week of school! By next week, I’ll be dragging them out of bed to get dressed.

Kennedy went to school first this week – Jules went a couple of days later. The highlights of Kennedy’s week were: the back to school pep rally, bringing a water bottle to school in her backpack (BIG DEAL), and using a highlighter “for the first time ever.”



She’s growing into such a young lady these days. One day this week she has already asked for “no bow.” Dagger to the heart!!!

Ribbet collage

My Julesy girl was super excited to start Kindergarten. She kept saying, “But, Mom, I don’t know how to do homework!” She’s so nervous about getting homework :)



My Oh My how my Baby Jules has grown over the last couple of years. She, too, is becoming such a wonderful young lady.


Easton was so excited that he tried getting on the bus too – in his boxer shorts! Not this soon, buddy!!

IMG_1700 - Copy

We are hoping for a safe and successful school year for all of our family and friends…virtual ones, too!




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