To Easton On Your 2nd Birthday

Baby boy,

You were just born…seriously. How has it been two years since we first saw your precious face? You are growing into such a little man. You have such a fun personality, and you steal everyone’s hearts.


You are such a looker! Those baby blue eyes, white hair, and precious rosy cheeks will break the hearts of many one day. I could squeeze you 24/7 – just to hear that belly laugh. Your laugh reminds me of your sister, Jules. I can’t help but laugh myself when I hear that sound!


You have two loves these days – balls and Mickey Mouse. The only show you watch on TV is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse…and sometimes you tell me which episode you want! You know and love all the characters and songs. When we try and change the channel, you cry for “Mickey.”

Your other love is balls…any kind of ball made on this earth. Baseballs, footballs, soccer balls….it does not matter. You want to throw, kick, catch, and hit balls ALL. DAY. LONG. You literally do not play with toys! Momma stopped buying toys for you a long time ago – they never get used! It was a no brainer when we were thinking of your party theme this year – Mickey Baseball!


You are such a snuggler, and I love to cuddle with you every night. I know my snuggling days with you are wearing thin, so I’m trying to soak in those last baby moments. You are just the sweetest.


You have the funniest personality. We love talking to you to see the faces and expressions you will make. You tell strangers “Hi!” and “Bye” anywhere we go. You like to fist bump everybody, and you love to show people all of your tricks. Such a ham!


Your sisters just adore you – and vice versa. You follow them everywhere, and they love to play little mammas. You are lucky to have those girls! They sure do look out for their brother!


I hope you have an amazing second birthday, baby boy! I cannot believe it’s been two years already. Momma loves you more than you know.

Love, Mom

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