September To Remember

Whew – September went by fast! I can’t keep up lately! I feel like I am a certified professional taxi/Uber driver…just driving people where they need to be all the time.

I have not had time to sit down and update all month, so here’s a little recap of everybody :)

Kennedy has mastered her aerial! She does not need to do this skill for competition, but she loves to practice it anyway. She is putting the final touches on her routines for her first competition in November!



Jules has been loving school. Her favorite part of the day is recess, and I can tell by the rocks she brings into the house when she takes her shoes off :) She too has been practicing her gymnastics skills, and has mastered her pullover!



Easton Matthew has been in his glory during harvest season. He LOVES watching the “cane cuttas” and tractors. He wants to “ride” on anything and everything…Grampi’s motorcycle, four wheelers, tractors, and pink jeeps :)




Mommy & Nana had an amazing experience this month which deserves a post in itself coming soon :)

Mommy & Daddy attended the Saints game – we didn’t win, but it was some much needed parent time away :)


Harley & Deuce, well, they just watch the living circus that happens around them everyday. They are amazing pups who put up with a lot!



Life has been busy, hectic, and wonderfully chaotic. Bring on Fall!


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