Costume Party!

Our friends came together again – in costume this time! We had scary, cute, hilarious, and overall fun costumes. Everyone looked great….decorations included! I couldn’t choose on the pictures for this post, so I’m posting most – they just came out so cute!


Our family decided to dress as superheroes and villains this year. The kids were the heroes, and Mom & Dad were the villains. Seth looked extra creepy with his face paint – he played the part so well!





I loved watching who would walk through the door next. It’s so fun when everyone participates and has a good time!

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The kids had a blast, and they ate way too much candy. I had to scrub Batman’s cape in order for him to wear it again to Trick or Treat!


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What a fun night – we will have to make it (another) friend tradition.



The Morning Marathon

You know what I’m talking about. That 30-45 minute race against the clock…the tug-of-war with their mood vs. your mood, and all the hurdles you jump in between.

Event 1: The Awakening

It starts off so peaceful…rubbing their backs, talking so softly, wiping the hair from their faces. A little while later, you may turn on a little light…maybe take the blankets off a bit. Ten minutes later you are shouting at the top of your lungs because no one has moved an inch. They just stare at you. “Why is this woman so paranoid every morning!?”

Event 2: The Gear

You have everything laid out and ready. All they need to do is simply put it on their little bodies. They move at the pace of a sloth. You are watching the clock. MOVE PEOPLE! All hell breaks loose when the line on the sock doesn’t match up perfectly with their toes. Lord, help me. Breathe.

Event 3: The Prep

Everyone is dressed…finally. It’s time to brush their teeth and fix their hair. Compose yourself. This can be bad…or really good. It depends on the beast. You just stay quiet and hope that ponytail holder doesn’t stretch too tight. Say a small prayer the toothpaste comes out of the tube in the exact amount they need. Stay strong.

Event 4: The Finish Line

The end is near yet so far away. Do they have everything in their bags? Did you sign all the papers? Do they need to bring anything special for class today? Your mind is racing. You walk outside  to wait for the bus. They are cold. They are hot. It’s too foggy. The sun is in their eyes. It’s too dark. They are sweating. Two more minutes until you can breathe.

Finally the bus is coming down the street. Someone yells they have to pee. Seriously? Another race…did they not feel this urge in the past 30 minutes? Deep breaths.

They are finally on the bus to school…you kiss them and wave goodbye. Then here comes the guilt that you feel…you could have been calmer…maybe more patient. You could have run a better race.

Event 5: The Aftermath

You go back inside to chaos that’s left. Pajamas on the floor, toothpaste smeared in the sink, unmade beds, papers on the counter, dishes in the sink, and towels on the bathroom counter. You don’t have time to clean any of it, because you need to get to your actual job.

I feel your pain! And let’s not even talk about dress down day when this entire routine is thrown off. By the time I get to my “normal” job, I truly feel like I ran a marathon….twice….and the only medal or trophy I have to show for it is the stress on my face and the bags under my eyes.

Stay strong, team. We can do it!


Jules’ Kindergarten Field Trip – Pumpkin Patch & Peltier Park

Jules’ Kindergarten class had their fall field trip at the Pumpkin Patch followed by lunch at the nearby park. Huge thanks to Nana for taking her since Mom & Dad had busy work weeks. I appreciated the pictures we received all day!





They started their Pumpkin Patch fun with story time and songs. The class even danced to one of their favorites sons…”Tootie Ta!”



They then went outside for some pumpkin fun! Jules was able to choose a pumpkin to bring home!






Next they headed to the park for a nice picnic before returning to school.



Thanks so much, Nana, for being with Jules on her field trip. I know she enjoyed it just as much as you did :)


5th Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest

Our friends came to our house this past weekend for our annual Pumpkin Carving Contest! I love that we have been having this tradition for five years straight! Our kids enjoy carving (or painting) just as much as the adults!





We spread all the kids out on the grass and let them paint their pumpkins first. Easton was excited to participate this year!







When it was time to start the contest, we put some scary music on and went to work! I love how “in the zone” everyone gets for this every year.


Ribbet collage7


Ribbet collage4




Ribbet collage5

Our judges came at dark and left ribbons on the winners – we had funny, scary, and cute pumpkins! I love looking at the finished products each year.


Ribbet collage1



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Next, we sang Happy Birthday to Aunt Heidi and had cupcakes!




Another fun night of tradition to add to our books – next on the agenda is getting our Halloween costumes ready!

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That Day We Met TIM & FAITH!

I still cannot believe this happened, ya’ll. It was definitely an experience to remember.

Thanks to my nanny for pulling some strings and getting us in to watch the filming of Tim McGraw & Faith Hill’s new music video “The Rest of our Life.”

Mom and I could not containment our excitement – we were giddy all day. Of course we had hopes to meet them, but we were just excited to see them in action!


We made it to the set before they did. We walked around the bar scene created. We were in awe by all the knick knacks, pictures, and love notes – including one from Johnny Cash to June <3





They filmed outside first. We just stared at their beauty – I had to remind myself to take pictures, because I was just staring :) She was on the phone in between shots, and he was taking pictures of the scenery.




We then went inside where Faith had to film the bar scene. On the way in, Tim noticed a guitar which is free for anyone to play in the restaurant when they are normally open. He picked it up and started playing whatever came to mind!






We were in different rooms than the filming, but we were able to watch on the TV screens in the equipment room. Since Tim was not in these scenes, he was in this room also watching and talking to everyone. He was such a nice country boy – he reminded me of the guys in our area…just drinking beer and talking about fishing and sports.

As Faith was walking through a door in one of her scenes, he looked at the screen and said, “Look, ya’ll, that’s my wife.” OMG <3



I did not want to intrude and ask him to take pictures – I did not want to bother him! I guess he saw Mom and I just staring, and he said “Do ya’ll want to take a picture?”

YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!


We met Faith and shook hands in passing when she was leaving the makeup area. We could not get a picture with her since they were whisking her away to start filming again. Oh my, ya’ll, she is so beautiful….and so nice.

It has been killing me not to post about this since September 18th! We were asked by the production crew not to post any pictures or videos until the music video came out to the public. I’m so thankful to my nanny and family for letting us experience this once in a lifetime day! I’m also super thankful I got to do it all with my mamma :)

Kennedy’s 7th Birthday – Emoji Sleepover

When Kennedy asked to have a sleepover for her birthday, I was super nervous! We have never had a sleepover at our house before…I was worried about crying, how the dogs would handle it, and what time I would actually get to bed! They shocked me! These girls were so well behaved, and they were all sleeping for 11:00pm. Definitely a success!

We invited all her cousins and neighbors, and had 7 girls stay over to sleep. Easton was the only boy allowed ;)

We invited all her boy cousins and neighbors over for some cake and pizza before the sleepover started. She asked to have an emoji party, so that’s exactly how we decorated!




Ribbet collage



When it was cake time, Daddy lit 7 candles for the birthday girl. I double checked the candles when I bought them to make sure they weren’t “trick candles.” Apparently, I need to triple check, because a couple of those candles would not blow out! Luke had to come to the rescue :)








When it was present time, Kennedy loved opening new clothes, pillows, and an artist kit!

Ribbet collage2

Out of all of her presents, I think her favorite one was her new books. This girl loves to read! Her class reads Junie B. Jones books when they have extra time, and she was shocked to get a couple of her own. She read all weekend, and she finished her first chapter book that Monday :)

Ribbet collage3


Another one of her favorites was her very own camera. Since she is the selfie queen, I figured she would be super excited with her own camera. It works like a Poloroid camera, and it shoots the pictures out! She was able to put them in her very own album to keep in her room.


Ribbet collage4

Next, we sent the boys home so that we could begin with the sleepover fun!



They started off by coloring a page I created for them with their names. We hung them on the fireplace when they were done.



Next, we played Emoji Bingo. They loved it so much, I think we played two or three times!

Ribbet collage6


We then had a disco dance party! We turned out all the lights, gave everyone glow sticks, and turned up some dance music. They were laughing, dancing, singing – it was so cute! Even Daddy joined in on the fun. They were laughing at his dance moves :)

My camera wouldn’t focus with all the light action, so I eventually had to turn on the flash :(






Ribbet collage7


Next we laid out everyone’s sleeping bags in the living room. We rented Captain Underpants and had some popcorn! I went to check on them around 11:30pm, and all of them were knocked out!


When they woke up the next morning, they had Emoji muffins and Emjoi pancakes for breakfast!





They really were so well behaved, and they gave me hope for more sleepovers in the future ;) Happy birthday, love bug! I hope you had fun :)



To Kennedy on your 7th Birthday

My sweet Kennedy,

I can’t believe you are already 7. SEVEN! No more smocked dresses, less and less bows, and even toys are becoming a thing of the past. Seven years sure did fly by quickly, but I SO enjoy watching to grow in to a beautiful and smart young lady.


Did I mention SMART!? You are blowing me away by everything you are learning in school. You ace all of your tests, you are eager to do homework, and you actually want to read books all the time! I could not ask for a better student. Keep up the hard work, and you will do amazing things.


You have been working so hard over the past year at training for your first gymnastics competition next month. I have seen you grow so much as a gymnast. You fall…get back up… and try harder. You never want to quit – after hours of practice, you come home and you are still flipping. It’s in your blood, and I love your dedication.


Being the oldest, you help me out so much. I can already tell that you will be a good little mamma one day. You are so caring and considerate toward Jules & Easton. They are lucky to have a big sister to look up to like you :)


I love your hilarious personality. I find selfies, videos, and the funniest messages all day long. I love when we laugh so hard that tears are coming down our faces. You are contagious! Some of my favorite moments are in the car on the way to gymnastics. You love for us to play “funny stories” – we have to tell a hilarious story to see who will laugh first. I think I laugh more at YOU than the story.


You make me so proud to be your mommy, Kennedy. Have a wonderful seventh birthday, my love.

Love, Mom

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Jules’ First ER Visit

Ironically my last post was “A September to Remember” – the month didn’t disappoint!

My pretty girl has been rocking 5 stitches just in time for Halloween! I knew Jules was a tough cookie, but after this weekend, she really proved herself!

After a mishap with a metal bat, we were on our way to the emergency room. Jules did not cry the entire way there. Five stitches were no fun, but she was eating a popsicle in no time! She even asked me to save a popsicle to give to Kennedy when we got home :) Such a sweetheart. She was excited to tell everyone she got “five stitches cause she’s five years old!”


Big thanks to Aunt Lisa for getting us there and keeping us both calm! She was a huge help!

Jules’ friends and cousins were so worried about her – they called and Facetimed her to make sure she was feeling better. They drew her pictures, gave her cards, and even drew her on our driveway :)


Since we have been home, my sweet girl has not complained one time. She has not even asked for Tylonal. She is stronger than me! I told her she will get a lot of attention at school this week! She has the coolest looking Halloween makeup of all! She is the most beautiful and pretty little Frankenstein I ever did see :)