Jules’ First ER Visit

Ironically my last post was “A September to Remember” – the month didn’t disappoint!

My pretty girl has been rocking 5 stitches just in time for Halloween! I knew Jules was a tough cookie, but after this weekend, she really proved herself!

After a mishap with a metal bat, we were on our way to the emergency room. Jules did not cry the entire way there. Five stitches were no fun, but she was eating a popsicle in no time! She even asked me to save a popsicle to give to Kennedy when we got home :) Such a sweetheart. She was excited to tell everyone she got “five stitches cause she’s five years old!”


Big thanks to Aunt Lisa for getting us there and keeping us both calm! She was a huge help!

Jules’ friends and cousins were so worried about her – they called and Facetimed her to make sure she was feeling better. They drew her pictures, gave her cards, and even drew her on our driveway :)


Since we have been home, my sweet girl has not complained one time. She has not even asked for Tylonal. She is stronger than me! I told her she will get a lot of attention at school this week! She has the coolest looking Halloween makeup of all! She is the most beautiful and pretty little Frankenstein I ever did see :)


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