The Return of Our Favorite Elf

When all the neighbors’ elves came the day after Thanksgiving, Kennedy & Jules were getting concerned that Herbie forgot to come to our house! Finally, a couple of days later, he showed up in a delivery box. He told the girls the traffic was so bad at the North Pole, he hitched a ride on the UPS truck!




I explained to Herbie that he better hide very high this year, because Easton does not realize he cannot touch Herbie. We definitely don’t want a situation like last year!

The next morning we found Herbie sitting next to a pretty lady….dressed in Barbie clothing!


We woke up to a surprise the next day when he brought 3 little elf friends from the North Pole! He instructed the kids to put the elves on our Christmas tree so we would always remember elf magic.



Ribbet collage

Herbie got into the fridge that night and left us a smiley message!


Easton was all smiles the next morning when he found Herbie riding his tractor!


I heard giggles from the bathroom the next morning when the girls found Herbie hanging around in the shower! They took a bathe in my bathtub that night, because they were nervous he would come down!


We watched the movie ELF that night, and Herbie must have been watching, too! We found him drinking syrup the next morning (Buddy the elf does this in the movie).


The next day I heard, “Really, Herbie!?” Herbie put on gymnastics medals and posed himself by the trophies!


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