Our Visit With The Big Guy – Meah B. Photography

The kids dressed in their Christmas pajamas to sit on Santa’s lap this year. They could not contain their excitement. I was nervous for Mr. Easton’s reaction…he does not mesh well with strangers – especially if they want him to sit on their lap!


To my surprise, he walked up to Santa all by himself! He was amazed that Santa had black boots just like he owned! He kept commenting on the boots.


Kennedy Marie asked for “real” makeup and PlayDoh.  Kennedy is a creator, so she loves to mold PlayDoh into food, decorations, grass, etc.


Jules Camryn asked Santa for “real” makeup, PlayDoh, and Shopkins! She has PlayDoh and Shopkins at home already, but I guess her stash is running low!?


Easton Matthew surely asked Santa for a “cane cutta.” Santa looked at me and said, “Did he just say cane cutter?” Yes sir, Santa, that’s what he wants! He also added “…and candy.” This year is so fun with him – he is starting to truly get in the Christmas magic spirit.


Speaking of Christmas magic, all of a sudden, it started to snow in the studio! Easton wasn’t a fan of the snow machine (it was loud), but the girls loved getting covered.


Christmas as a child is truly magical, but Christmas as an adult when you have kids of your own is truly amazing.

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