Our One Day of White

Living in South Louisiana, we don’t see snow very often. Every several years (when it does “snow”), it’s usually not enough to even stay on the ground. This past weekend, however, we were in for a huge white surprise.

The news kept predicting snow flurries. We thought we would get sleet here and there, but nothing major. The schools closed for wintery weather conditions, but we were still not expecting much. I watched out the window for two hours until it finally came. I woke the enter house up as I was jumping up and down.

The kids went out in their pajamas, because we honestly thought this was all we were getting….a couple of flurries.




Easton wasn’t too impressed at first…



When we thought it was over, we came inside and lit a fire. The girls drank hot chocolate to warm up.


To our surprise, it started again…this time harder! It started sticking to the ground which we never see here!





Our neighbors walked over, and everyone could not stop smiling. It was so exciting. I don’t think the kids realize how rare it is that we got so much snow!

Ribbet collage







I told the kids we had to build a snowman. It was on my bucket list! I had no clue I would be able to cross that off at my own house! We piled some snow together from various places and we made the tiniest and cutest little snowman ever.


Ribbet collage2


As it kept accumulating on the ground, we decided to make a “big” snowman! All the neighborhood helped – it is one of my favorite memories.


Ribbet collage3



Ribbet collage4

I made all of the kids take a picture with the snowman. Easton was ready for his nap, but I made him take one anyway – how many times do you get to take a picture with a snowman in your front yard, son!?

Ribbet collage5

What other fun can you have in the snow? Snow angels!! Mom, Dad, and Jules were the only brave enough fools to lay their bodies on the freezing ground. Not to mention we did not have the adequate clothes for snow….oh well….YOLO!

Ribbet collage6


Harley and Deuce didn’t know what in the world was going on that day. Harley kept licking the snow. Deuce wanted to come outside so bad, but his little 2 pound self would have froze to death. I wrapped him in a blanket and let him come for a little while, but he was shivering!



I really could not stop taking pictures. The white rooftops of all the houses, the snow covered sugar cane, just the raw beauty of it all…I was so amazed.

We just stayed outside most of the day…taking it all in before it melted away the next day.




It was bittersweet going to bed that night knowing it was only one day. It literally was one of the best days, and I will remember it for a long time. It was such a nice surprise, too! Thank you, Lord, for your beautiful creation!





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